Food 323

Course Instructor (per hour)

$100.00 (USD) per unit

We have course instructors for the following classes. Price is per reserved hour. Classes are introductory and approximately 1-2 hours long. (2 hour minimum) Maximum 5 students.

  1. How to Make Mead (does not include supplies)
  2. How to Make Wine (does not include supplies)
  3. How to Make Inks (does not include supplies)
  4. How to Make Ointments, Salves, Shampoos, or Specific Healthcare Products (does not include supplies)
  5. How to Make Massage Oils (does not include supplies)

You are responsible for all materials, supplies, classroom space/location, equipment, and teaching materials. We provide the instructor.

Please call before purchasing to check on availability. 2 week notice required. As available and scheduling allows. 1-800-605-9705 contact Leaf McGowan.

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