Bartending, Beverages, Brews –

An assortment of magical creations from mixed drinks, to home-made mead, hand-made inks, massage oils, and healthcare products.

Technogypsie Entertainment has various services available for special events, parties, and private functions. We on occasion have bartenders, baristas, tutors, and instructors available for hire. Because we are a “nomadic” entity that is often travelling around the world (sometimes together), our services are only available based on where our staff is currently checked in and located. You can find out on our Availability Page. Here you can see where our artisans, Gypsies, and travelers are located at any given time to be able to hire them for the services that they provide.


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Collection of arts, crafts, graphics, illustrations, and designs by Leaf McGowan, Thomas Baurley, and Technogypsie Productions