Leaf ‘s Wings by Luna,
Starwood 2002

Our collection of Faerie and Angel Wings come from a variety of artisans who live the faerie lifestyle at various festivals and events around the world. The artistic works of Leaf McGowan, Thomas Baurley, and The Tree Leaves’ Oracle can be found for sale through its website The fine creations sold will be archived here.

Leaf started making Faerie wings back in his early years of college but never received any inspiration to do anything with what he absorbed from the Pagan workshop he attended in the arts. Somewhere during the late 1990’s he met Pixie Witch at Starwood who inspired him to take in the art. Then he met Luna/Fire Faery, a faerie wing artisan who inspired him in this art during their time together at Starwood in 2002. Since then he has started making custom-made wings at various festivals and events as well as privately for those seeking to display or unfold their wings.

Availability for customized wings is on a first-come, first reserve basis subject to time and availability to provide this service.
To inquire about custom wings from Leaf McGowan, please contact him at Custom wing requests require a deposit of half of the final cost of the wings plus shipping. You will need to allow upwards of 2-3 weeks for completion of the wings.

Faerie in Flight, Wings by Luna

Faerie in Flight, Wings by Luna

Leaf Faery by Leaf,
Burning Man 2003

Flower Faery by Luna
Starwood 2002

Faery sketch by Luna
PSG 2002

Fire Faery by Luna

Fire Faery, Wings-Paint-Mask by Luna, Starwood 02

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Collection of arts, crafts, graphics, illustrations, and designs by Leaf McGowan, Thomas Baurley, and Technogypsie Productions