Art in the Cleaning Waters: Bathworks ande Beauty Marks

For years and years, in conjunction with the amazing talents at the Tree Leaves Oracle and Folk Fellowship, many magical and healing brews, soaps, bath gifts, and skin creams have been produced utilizing folklore, folk recipes, and traditional practices. We continue this practice by keeping these traditions alive.

We believe these creations need to always be fresh and customized for the customer’s needs. We limit our stock on hand until festival season when we will start producing them for sale at the Tree Leaves’ Oracle booth.

If you would like custom made products below, please paypal the order to us with the request of the kind of bath salts or creams you’d like made. Bath salts can be sprinkled in your bath, or placed in a sachet for washing in a wash cloth as fresh and revitalizing. Creams and ointments can be custom made for various healing purposes as well.

All bath salts are made with sea salt, epson salt, magical coloring, and scents based on folk beliefs around their properties.

Current blends in production:

  • Healing Blend
  • Dryad Blend
  • Druid Blend
  • Dryad Love Potion # 9
  • Sore Muscles Be Gone!
  • Purification Bath
  • Love Blend
  • Recovery Blend
  • Divination Blend
  • Faerie Blend
  • Lavender Blend
  • Rose Blend
  • Frankincense Blend
  • Sandalwood Blend
  • Three Kings Blend

All blends and creations are blessed by a Druid based on lunar and/or solar cycles. Contact for other specific blends based on your needs. Please contact before purchase for estimation of creation, blessing, and shipping. Email for coordination.

All blends are aromatherapy blends. Prices are $10.00 for 5 ounces of custom-blend bath salts.

Shipped in the United States:

Blend Requested:

For Shipping Outside the United States:

Blend Requested:


Prices are $10.00 for a 2 ounce jar of custom-blend skin cream or moisturizer.

For shipping within the United States:

Blend Requested:

For shipping outside the United States:

Blend Requested:

Currently we are not offering handmade soaps until further notice.

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