This will eventually become an archive for the illustrated works of members and staff of Technogypsie Productions.

The Works of Thomas Baurley, Leaf McGowan, Technogypsie Productions:

Note from Leaf: Alas, most of my artwork is un-scanned nor digitized, but this is a project I’m working on so that I can present these works of arts here.  These items are forthcoming. Below are a few works I’ve done, not all drawing, sketches, and paintings but some fall under such then digitized for publication. See details below.

SKETCHES:    Coming Soon.

DRAWINGS:  Coming Soon.

PAINTINGS:  Coming Soon.


Collage, Article Heading for Tree Leaves’ Oracle. 2000.
Large photo blowup of an aerial I took of the Bahamas, with airbrushed clouds. Scanned into photoshop with two leaves I collected one fall, scanned in and super-imposed over, with billowy Text implemented via Photoshop.

Front Cover of Tree Leaves Oracle #4,5, 6.
Sketch by Lester Scarbrough as base work for 5 & 6, blended with pencil and
superimposition of Tree Leaves’ Logo via photshop and Illustrator as Front Cover Art.
Number 4 was pre-digital cover art – All sketches, cut-n-paste classic art as collage.

Collage work for cover art. 
8 – classic art clips melded together,
superimposed and sketchwork to combine, then edited and put together in Illustrator. #7 – Sketch and composition, collage by Mike Hunter, adapted and arranged – composed in final press by Leaf.

Lightpen Tracing and Flash colorization:
Artwork and Sketching by Mangor, From sketches scanned into Photoshop,
This Squirmboy and Suicidal Suzi was “traced” and colorized in Flash by Leaf
under contract by Mangor. 2002.

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Collection of arts, crafts, graphics, illustrations, and designs by Leaf McGowan, Thomas Baurley, and Technogypsie Productions