We have numerous educational opportunities taking place within Technogypsie Productions, Pirate Relief, The Tree Leaves’ Oracle, and at various festivals we travel to that one can join in on. Several of our members and staff are teachers and instructors offering a variety of classes, workshops, and programs. Following are some of our teachers and the classes they offer.

Teacher: Leaf McGowan

Leaf McGowan is one of our specialized instructors and presenters. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology/Archaeology in 1991 with minor in folklore, classical Archaeology, and Criminology nearing completion of his Masters in the same field. He has worked as a field archaeologist, folklorist, ethnographer, travel writer, reviewer, author, anthropologist, GIS Specialist, ethnobotanist, and Curator. He is a renown diviner and tarot card reader, oracle, and ovate; former President and Director of the Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship, author and editor of the Tree Leaves’ Oracle, crafts person, and former senior Druid of the Wakulla Cypress Grove, ADF; Ancient Forests Proto-grove, ADF; High Priest of the Tree Leaves Oracle, and various other magical groups. He has presented numerous classes through the Tree Leaves’ Oracle, The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship, The Faeid Fellowship, the Florida State University Center for Participant Education, Vancouver Sex Conference, and various Pagan Festivals. He is nearing completion of three books – one on holy wells, another on Technogypsies, and another on Faeids. He has been teaching and presenting alternative education since 1986.

Leaf McGowan can currently be coordinated to present workshops and classes for the following subjects:

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