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Technogypsie Designs, the brainchild of Thomas Baurley, Leaf McGowan, Technogypsie Productions is the evolution of Leafworks Web Design and Wandering Leaf Design from the 1990’s to the Present.

Below our current and past clients through Wandering Leaf Designs, Leafworks Web Design, and Technogypsie Productions.

Leafworks and Wandering Leaf’s Clients:

  • Anitanairne.com

  • Artthatheals.org

  • Expatexchange.com

  • Inspiritworks.com

  • Florida Trust For Historic Preservation

  • Thedollyhouse.com

  • Todaysmovies.com

  • Treeleaves.com

  • Treelore.com

  • Cindybristow.com

  • Nehalempoint.com

  • Roadchamps-collectible.com

  • Society of American Archaeology: Archaeology and Public Education

  • Interface, Inc.

  • Cascadian Archaeology

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Collection of arts, crafts, graphics, illustrations, and designs by Leaf McGowan, Thomas Baurley, and Technogypsie Productions