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Chronicle 14: The Lemurians of Shasta

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Chronicle 12: Sacred Springs of the Wild West

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Chronicles 21: Exploring the Nevada-California-Oregon Borderlands

Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan’s adventures exploring the borderlands of Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon during the Fall season of 2015 with road trips, travel tales, archaeology, and surveying the forest lands. Holiday adventures with Thanksgiving and harvest celebrations in Southern Oregon, with a pack-up for winter adventures. 11.17.15: White Salmon to Cedarville 11.18.15: […]

11.24.15: Cedarville to Phoenix – A winter adventure

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 Cedarville, California Awake at 4 am, Sir Thomas Leaf began plotting out his escape path from Cedarville to avoid the upcoming winter storm that would start at 9 am this morning. Catching up on blogs and orders, he took a shower to the back drop of howling winds warning of the […]

11.20.15: Surveys and Woody’s

Friday, 19 November 2015 Cedarville, California Early to rise, Sir Thomas left at 7 with the crew into the hills. They crossed the playa and the Nevada border along the Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs back country byway and took the four-wheel drive jeep rails towards their survey area. A pretty extreme pedestrian survey up and down […]

Chronicles 3: Walking with the Ancestors

11.14.13: Walk with the Ancestors – departing Tir na nOg 11.15.13: Dormant Volcanoes and “The Birds” 11.16.13: Time Travel in the Land of Lost Souls 11.17.13: Journey to Phoenix 11.18.13: Mesa, Rte 666 Devil’s Highway, Alamogordo 11.19.13: White Sands, Three Rivers, Inn of the Mountain Gods 11.20.13: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, atop Nogal […]

Chronicles 2: Searching for a Western Nest

06.20.13: The road to freedom … preparing for the scouting mission 06.21.13: Launching on the Summer Solstice 06.22.13: The Journey Begins – Chapel Hill, NC 06.23.13: Chapel Hill to Occoquan 06.24.13: Occoquan to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 06.25.13: Berkeley Springs and the Magic Waters 06/26/13 Harrisburg, Amish, Hershey, and the Chocolate Factory 6/27/13 – Pearl […]

01.04.14 Searching for Wells in Swords

4 January 2014Swords, Ireland The adventurers awoke early to depart their stay in Clongriffin and headed off the highways and roads towards Swords in search of Holy wells. Their first stop was St. Doulagh’s well and chapel where they were greeted with very limited options to park. Lady Etain and Prince Cian stayed in the […]

01.03.14 Hunting for the Portmarnock Spring

3 January 2014 Portmarnock, Ireland – Malahide, Ireland The adventurers awoke early from their Clongriffin abode and piled into the car shuttling away towards the beach. The challenge was finding the location of an obscure well on the beach that sir Thomas Leaf found in his holy wells of Dublin book. The couple took out […]

01.01.14 Dining with Ammonite

1 January 2014Clongriffin – Malahide, Ireland A day of rest and relaxation was had by our weary adventurers as they spent New Year ’s Day sleeping in and hanging out at Lady Etain’s brother’s pad in Clongriffin. They caught up with their most recently downloaded favorite TV series like Lost Girl, Supernatural, Vikings, and Game […]