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The Rise and Fall of a Technogypsie

Life of a Nomad, Our rise and fall From the journal of Sir Thomas Leaf McGowan, 16 August 2016 “Its amazing how many people asked us during a weekend we were vending last month … “So Leaf, where are you living these days – you seem to be everywhere?” to which i replied “We live […]

Chronicle 8: Escaping the Cascades

03.18.15: Inventory, Batteries, Storage, and Cleanup 03.19.15: Packing up for the walkabout 03.20.15: Preparing the Caravan for separation 03.26.15 Talent to Weed 03.27.15 Redding to Stockton 03.28.15 Stockton to Los Angeles 03.29.15 L.A. and the Inland Empire 03.30.15 Storage, Chores, and Sundries 03.31.15 Bakersfield to Oregon Border 04.01.15: Errands and Sundries in Ashland, Oregon 4.2.15: […]

Chronicle 7: Life in Ashlandia

05.14.14: The Birth of the Leaf and Dragon in Ashland, Oregon 6/16/14 ~ Ashlandia: The Leaf & Dragon – SCA, Malificent, and Sauce 07.15.14 Medford, Sushi/Thai, Leaf and Dragon 09.28.14 Delving into the Rogue Valley …. 10.31.14: Halloween in Ashland (Tales of the Leaf & Dragon) 11.20.14 Cian’s 20th month birthday 11.21.14 The Leaf and […]

Chronicles 5: A Faerie Flight from Ashland

06.28.14: Saturday, Fairy Human Relations Congress 06.29.14: Fairy Congress, Twisp, and Leavenworth 08.22.14: Sacred Alchemy Festival 08.23.14: Sacred Alchemy Festival

12.24.14 Chronicles: Expedition to Cork, Day 1 : Medford Xmas Eve

Wednesday, December 24, 2014: Xmas Eve …Ashland, Oregon* Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Cian, the Prince of Endurance made the best of their last vending day for 2014. Given the lack of sales in the previous few days they pondered why they were even open on Xmas eve … Foot traffic picked up in […]

12.22.14-12.23.14 Prepping for Ireland

Tuesday, December 23, 2014: Ashland, Oregon Monday and Tuesday the adventurers began their sorting out of travel gear and gifts to bring to Ireland. The Expedition to Cork to see the grandparents and Prince Cian to play with his cousins. A journey to retrieve some magical healing waters. A journey to commune with the Fae. […]

12.21.14 Solstice Morning / Yule

Sunday, December 21, 2014: Yule Morning …Ashland, Oregon Early to rise our adventuring trio headed out promptly to the Leaf and Dragon. Lady Etain dropped Sir Thomas Leaf off so he could go arrange the gifts Santa Clause and Lady Befana left last night. Lady Etain and Cian, the Prince of Endurance headed off to […]

12.20.14 Solstice and 2nd annual Medford Santacon

Saturday, December 20, 2014: Yule Eve …Ashland, Oregon Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Cian, the Prince of Endurance continued their celebrations this week for the arrival of Winter, Yule, and Xmas. Words of gossip around the village suggested this week would be a prosperous one for all the merchants … so good that most […]

10.31.14: Halloween in Ashland (Tales of the Leaf & Dragon)

Tales of the Leaf and Dragon:Friday, October 31, 2014Ashland, Oregon Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Cian – the Prince of Endurance crashed in town the previous night in preparation for the fabled Halloween activities that were to be held today in historic Ashland, Oregon. The longest running event in the Rogue Valley, Ashland was […]

6/16/14 ~ Ashlandia: The Leaf & Dragon – SCA, Malificent, and Sauce

Monday, June 16, 2014Ashland, Oregon Another day, another dollar- and that couldn’t be more the truth as the merchants experienced in their first week open. Traffic into the “Leaf and Dragon” shoppe was slow as mondays seem to crawl in the heart of Ashlandia. Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Etain awoke early to grab the […]