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Tale 3 – Escape from L.A. (2002)

The story of Sir Thomas’ becoming trapped in Los Angeles, car-less, and stranded. His adventure escaping the City of Fallen Angels. September 2002: 09.26.02: L.A. Nights (Los Angeles, California)

Chronicle 11: Route 66 and the Wild West

This is a work in progress. Please visit back soon. 07.03.15 Journey to Las Vegas 07.04.15 Vegas 4th of July 07.05.15 Hoover Dam, Vegas, Kingsman 07.06.15 Route 66 and Oatman

11.02.15: Medford to Bend

Monday, 2 Novembre 2015Medford to Bend, Oregon Sore and twisted, the adventurers awoke in their cramped car and re-dispersed their belongings between the two vehicles and headed back on the road. They made their way through Redding and north into land of Shasta. Passed Shasta Caverns, Lake Shasta, and as sunrise welcomed them through Shasta […]

11.01.15: L.A. to Redding

Sunday 1 November 2015Los Angeles to Redding The adventurers got off to a late start as they headed home to the Pacific Northwest escaping Mordor. Halloween tricks and treats made for a fascinating time yesterday however it was now time to get on with responsibility … an incredible move to be achieved within a couple […]

Chronicle 8: Escaping the Cascades

03.18.15: Inventory, Batteries, Storage, and Cleanup 03.19.15: Packing up for the walkabout 03.20.15: Preparing the Caravan for separation 03.26.15 Talent to Weed 03.27.15 Redding to Stockton 03.28.15 Stockton to Los Angeles 03.29.15 L.A. and the Inland Empire 03.30.15 Storage, Chores, and Sundries 03.31.15 Bakersfield to Oregon Border 04.01.15: Errands and Sundries in Ashland, Oregon 4.2.15: […]

Chronicle 9: Adventuring out of Mordor

06.18.15 Prince Cian’s plundering of an I-5 Rest Area 06.19.15: Headed to Fairy Blossom Festival 06.20.15 Fairy Blossom Festival 06.21.15 Fairy Blossom Festival 06.22.15 Ashlandia 06.23.15 – I-5 Pirate Fun 08.10.15: Return from 2nd Star, Ashland haze and the Shasta Headwaters

10.04.15 October in Disneyland

Sunday, 4 Octobre 2015Los Angeles, California “Memories of childhood explorations in Disneyworld and Disneyland were renewed as I joined my brother for another exploration into the magic that is Disney. Since I moved to California this was another of a handful of visits to this magical land thanks to his employee guest passes … a […]

10.03.15: Rise of Jack-O-Lanterns

Saturday, October 3, 2015Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles, California “A day of rest and recovery in the evermore haunted house of Docteur Mangor, the plans of the carnival were unimpressive, a feast of vegan cuisine followed by a enchanting walk through The Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns into the darkness of the night …. ” ~ Leaf […]

Chronicle 13: Escape from Mordor

Chronicle 13: Escape from Mordor 10.01.15: Awakening from the Grave 10.02.15: Financial Fumbling, Searching for Energy, and a Gothic Birthday 10.03.15: Rise of the Jack-o-Lanterns 10.04.15: Adventures in October’s Disneyland 10.31.15: Halloween in L.A., Boo at the Zoo 11.01.15: L.A. to Redding 11.02.15: Medford to Bend

10.02.15: Financial fumbling, Search for Energy, and A very Gothic Birthday

Friday, 02 Octobre 2015Mordor, the Golden Land The adventurers had a bit of a sleep-in as it was a start of a three day weekend and figuring out their dilemma. He climbed out of bed onto the computer to figure out a web page dilemma transferring web sites from an old server to a new […]

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