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Chronicle 4: Life at Vegantopia

Arrived in Oregon, Sir Thomas, Lady Etain, and the Prince are seeking a home on the West Coast. They meet Markey, a Bard at Faerieworlds, and take him up on his invitation to come live at “Vegantopia”. They attempt to buy the Vegan paradise, but don’t have enough money and get the property sold out […]

09.30.13: Moving In

Wednesday, 30 September 2013~ Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon ~ Coming soon … Mileage: [ HOME ]   [ PREVIOUS DAY ]   [ NEXT DAY ]

09.29.13: Unpacking and Web work

Tuesday, 29 September 2013~ Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon ~ Sir Thomas was up at dawn, unpacking and moving items up and down the steps from the U-Box, to the upstairs. There was little interaction between Sir Thomas, Lady Etain, and Lord Markey, perhaps he remained hidden so as not to feel guilty about helping unload or […]

09.28.13 Homeward Bound

Monday, 28 September 2013~ Reedsport, Oregon – Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon ~ The weary adventurers awoke at their campsite in the Oregon Dunes, made oatmeal for breakfast, and swiftly packed up camp. The remainder of the morning was spent driving from Reedsport to their new home at “Vegantopia” in Blodgett. The drive was a quick two […]

08.02.13: Setting up the new home, Escape to the Coast

Friday, 2 August 2013Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon Weather: Sunny, clear, high of 74 degrees, low of 52. Early to rise after camping out on the living room floor of their soon-to-be new home, Lady Etain, Sir Thomas, and Prince Cian got up and made breakfast then took a walk through of their new home. Sir Thomas […]

08.01.13: Lammas, Cian’s Cord, and Seal Rock

Thursday, 1 August 2013Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon Weather: Overcast – high of 70’s low of 45 degrees Fahrenheit The adventurers awoke early that morning having stayed at their new home at Vegantopia in Blodgett, Oregon. They had vegan pancakes for breakfast with tempeh accompanied by the creator of the Tempeh and creator of Vegantopia, Markey Stewart. […]

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