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12.21.15 Quick Trip to Phoenix

21 December 2015Roseburg, Oregon – Phoenix, Oregon A night’s slumber at the Motel 6 in Rice Hill, Oregon was just what the weary adventurers needed. A free hotel stay from their point collections through was a blessing to the un-existing budget as well. Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian took a nice swim in […]

11.28.15 Car Repairs and a Whirwind of Delays

Saturday, 28 November 2015Ashland – Brookings, Oregon Little did Sir Thomas Leaf knew that today would especially be a rough day. Sir Thomas awoke early at Ashland’s Rodeway Inn, climbing out of bed into his pants and sweater to stumble out into the cold, or so he expected, as it wasn’t that bad temperature-wise. He […]

11.27.15 Accidents and Damages

Friday, 27 November 2015Ashland, Oregon Early to rise, Sir Thomas Leaf crawled out of bed and caught up on some writing while Lady Etain and Prince Cian lay asleep. Last day at the Cedarwood Inn, they would head off to see if the DMV was open (as Sir Thomas lost his driver’s license), do laundry, […]

11.26.15 Thanksgiving

Thursday, 26 November 2015Ashland – Phoenix, Oregon The weary explorers had a whole day planned of chores and activities, but holiday movies on the television won out. Resting and relaxing at the Cedarwood Inn, southern end of Ashland they enjoyed the continental breakfast after which Sir Thomas took Prince Cian for a swim in the […]

11.25.15 Dealing with storage

Wednesday, 25 November 2015Medford, Oregon A night of rest at the Medford South Motel 6, the weary adventurers checked out at noon and proceeded to accomplish their errands. Costco was too crowded with no place for them to park with the trailer in tow, so achieving new tires was a no-go for the crew. They […]

11.02.15: Medford to Bend

Monday, 2 Novembre 2015Medford to Bend, Oregon Sore and twisted, the adventurers awoke in their cramped car and re-dispersed their belongings between the two vehicles and headed back on the road. They made their way through Redding and north into land of Shasta. Passed Shasta Caverns, Lake Shasta, and as sunrise welcomed them through Shasta […]

Chronicle 7: Life in Ashlandia

05.14.14: The Birth of the Leaf and Dragon in Ashland, Oregon 6/16/14 ~ Ashlandia: The Leaf & Dragon – SCA, Malificent, and Sauce 07.15.14 Medford, Sushi/Thai, Leaf and Dragon 09.28.14 Delving into the Rogue Valley …. 10.31.14: Halloween in Ashland (Tales of the Leaf & Dragon) 11.20.14 Cian’s 20th month birthday 11.21.14 The Leaf and […]

Chronicles 5: A Faerie Flight from Ashland

06.28.14: Saturday, Fairy Human Relations Congress 06.29.14: Fairy Congress, Twisp, and Leavenworth 08.22.14: Sacred Alchemy Festival 08.23.14: Sacred Alchemy Festival