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Friday, 29 April 2016Tillicum Beach – Newport – Hood River, Oregon As the explorers headed north along the Oregon Coast, they cut across around Lincoln City towards Salem then up to Portland and on to Hood River. They stopped and admired Multinomah Falls along the way. In the News today, Sir Thomas learned that U.S. […]

04.26.16: Over the Cascades and Camping at Rogue River

Tuesday, 26 April 2016Klamath Falls, Oregon – Ashland/Medford and Rogue River, Oregon Sir Thomas arose at 5 am to check email, movie downloads, and facebook to catch up with everyone as he’s been out of communication for the last 6 days during the Archaeological Survey along tracts of Bryant Mountain. Normally he would just e […]

04.19.16: Replenishing at Tub Springs

Tuesday, 19 April 2016Eugene – Canyonville – Ashland – Klamath Falls, Oregon As the explorers awoke in Springfield/Eugene at the Motel 6, they made cereal for breakfast and headed back on the road. They stopped by Flappin Flags for re-surplus and were back on the road south. As the explorers headed south, they stopped for […]

04.18.16: Back to the Gorge and Willamette

Monday, 18 April 2016Hood River, Portland, Eugene, Oregon A successful “Feast of Fools” the merchant explorers had. As they drove back to the Gorge they dropped by Hood River early in the morning to fuel up at the Riverfront Valero, grab breakfast at McDonalds, and ship off an order at the Postal Annex. After checking […]

04.13.16: Portland to Kelso

Wednesday, 13 April 2016Portland, Oregon – Kelso, Washington Early to rise, the adventurers awoke in their hotel room and began getting ready for their merchanting adventure at Feast of Fools. After breakfast of pastries and cereal, they were on the road. The delvers headed off to Costco to get provisions and fuel. Sir Thomas got […]

04.12.16: Off to Willamette Valley

Tuesday, April 12, 2016Hood River – Salem, Oregon After breaking down camp, they ventured back into Hood River for errands. The adventurers ran by the Washington Federal ATM in Hood River to get some cash for their trip and replenishing their provisions at Safeway. Sir Thomas checked wifi at Safeway while they were there. They […]

02.28.16 Champoeg State Park, Oregon Beginnings

Friday, 26 February 2016Champoeg State Park – Corvallis, Oregon The adventurers had a great morning exploring Champoeg State Park and learning of the settlement history of Oregon. As they headed back into Corvallis for the day, they went by the Arc thrift store to do some treasure hunting. They dropped by the Starbucks for some […]

02.22.16: Sisters to Honeyman

Monday, 22 February 2016Sisters – Springfield – Honeyman State Park, Florence, Oregon The morning was spent exploring the charming town of Sisters, Oregon. They dropped into a cafe for some wifi and figuring out their plans since the field session had ended really early unexpectedly. An unexpected web hosting bill for this domain was due […]

09.28.13 Homeward Bound

Monday, 28 September 2013~ Reedsport, Oregon – Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon ~ The weary adventurers awoke at their campsite in the Oregon Dunes, made oatmeal for breakfast, and swiftly packed up camp. The remainder of the morning was spent driving from Reedsport to their new home at “Vegantopia” in Blodgett. The drive was a quick two […]

01.29.11: Faerieworlds Masquerade & Breitenbush Hot Springs

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] January 29, 2011 ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado – Breitenbush Hot springs, Oregon ~ In the wee dawn hours of the morning, Sir Thomas awoke way before dawn and drove his Isis Adventure Thru Time to the Denver International Airport, parked in short term, and boarded the air […]

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