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Thursday, 28 April 2016Klamath Falls, Oregon The Explorers enjoyed their camping stay at Tillicum Beach where the Prince played with his pirate ship in he sand, a day outing was had at Seal rock, building sand castles and having fun chasing waves. The skeletal corpse of a seal washed up on shore. In the News […]

04.27.16: Camping at Tillicum Beach

Wednesday, 27 April 2016Klamath Falls-Tillicum Beach, Oregon The adventurers had a nice rest at the Valley of the Rogue State Park where they camped last night. Sir Thomas Leaf awoke at 7 am in order to do some business before Lady Etain and the Prince awoke. He processed 2014 receipts for taxes. He worked until […]


Friday, 29 April 2016Tillicum Beach – Newport – Hood River, Oregon As the explorers headed north along the Oregon Coast, they cut across around Lincoln City towards Salem then up to Portland and on to Hood River. They stopped and admired Multinomah Falls along the way. In the News today, Sir Thomas learned that U.S. […]

04.26.16: Over the Cascades and Camping at Rogue River

Tuesday, 26 April 2016Klamath Falls, Oregon – Ashland/Medford and Rogue River, Oregon Sir Thomas arose at 5 am to check email, movie downloads, and facebook to catch up with everyone as he’s been out of communication for the last 6 days during the Archaeological Survey along tracts of Bryant Mountain. Normally he would just e […]

02.27.16: Corvallis and Champoeg

Friday, 26 February 2016Newport – Lincoln City – Corvallis – Champoeg State Park, Oregon They ran by the ATM again to get some cash for camping. Hungry, the delvers grabbed a quick bite to eat with take-out from Taco Bell. Sir Thomas satiated his hunger with his Bell addictions of the Mexican Pizza and Dorita […]

02.26.16: Travelling up the Oregon Coast

Friday, 26 February 2016Tillicum Beach, Oregon Awaking in the trailer to a nice sunny day at Tillicum Beach, Sir Thomas Leaf took Prince Cian down to the beach to play, make sand castles, and race the waves. After about 2 hours, Lady Etain came down to join them. Play on the beach took over the […]

02.25.16 A Day in Newport

Thursday, 25 February 2016Honeyman State Park – Tillicum Beach – Newport, Oregon The explorers headed north along the highway 101 coastal highway north towards Florence. They stopped on the beach to play and explore. The Prince was ecstatic. They grabbed a campsite at their favorite campsite at Tillicum Beach. After settling in and playing on […]

02.24.16: Sir Thomas Leaf’s Birthday on the dunes

Wednesday, 24 February 2016Florence-Tillicum Beach, Oregon Since they were already on the coast the adventurers decided to celebrate Sir Thomas Leaf’s birthday here. Camping on the dunes was fun but they wanted the each. They headed north on Highway 101 towards Tillicum Beach. The explorers stopped for gas at the Fred Meyers. An online sale […]

02.22.16: Sisters to Honeyman

Monday, 22 February 2016Sisters – Springfield – Honeyman State Park, Florence, Oregon The morning was spent exploring the charming town of Sisters, Oregon. They dropped into a cafe for some wifi and figuring out their plans since the field session had ended really early unexpectedly. An unexpected web hosting bill for this domain was due […]

09.30.13: Moving In

Wednesday, 30 September 2013~ Vegantopia, Blodgett, Oregon ~ Coming soon … Mileage: [ HOME ]   [ PREVIOUS DAY ]   [ NEXT DAY ]

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