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03.05.11: Part 1 – Pirates Invade Denver

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] Saturday, 5 March 2011Colorado Springs – Denver, Colorado Oh the life of Pirates and Piracy as was the focus of the day for Sir Thomas as he headed off to the Denver Museum of Natural History for its Pirates! Exhibit. Even though “Pirates” are romanticized in this […]

Chronicle 1: The Great Walkabout, New Beginnings

The Great Walkabout became a journey of self-discovery, finding roots, and paths for Sir Thomas Leaf, following oracles, omens, and prophecies of a Irish bride, a French bride, and the birth of a Prince. From journeying across the Rocky Mountains, down under Australia, across to Cornwall to dig Witchcraft pits, on to Burning Man, Sir […]

Chronicle 19: A Pirate’s Tale

Coming Soon …

The Rise and Fall of a Technogypsie

Life of a Nomad, Our rise and fall From the journal of Sir Thomas Leaf McGowan, 16 August 2016 “Its amazing how many people asked us during a weekend we were vending last month … “So Leaf, where are you living these days – you seem to be everywhere?” to which i replied “We live […]

07.05.12: VT – Denmark

[ Chronicles: A Viking Tale, the Beginning of the Journey ] Thursday, 5 July 2012 Aboard the Sirena: Harwich, England to Esbjerg, DenmarkEsbjerg, Denmark Sir Thomas Leaf arose rather early that morning as allergies and sheer exhaustion had consumed his rest last night, a formula that never ceases to turn him into a snoring Viking […]

06.10.12: Irish Pirates, Mayhem in Cornwall, & A Castle Sieze …

In its 7th year … The Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf are back … The Great Walkabout Down under and Sailing the Seven Seas will be on hold in its completion for the time being due to funding & time it takes to process the photos, write, and design the pages – these tales should […]

09.26.11: Wanderings in Ashland

Monday, 26 September 2011~ Ashland, Oregon ~ Sir Thomas awoke on Lady Wendy’s land. He had some great mate tea with her over breakfast, contemplating life and the universe as well as his upcoming journey across the Great pond for love. He was recovering from the weekend’s festivities, vending, and packing up of things for […]

05.03.11: Brisbane Lights

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Travels Down Under:Brisbane Lights … Tuesday, May 3, 2011 * Brisbane, Queensland, Australia * A pleasant sleep in his own make-shift room at his fellow Burner’s Lady Carol’s home, Sir Thomas Leaf awoke early for his shift as tour guide aboard the HMB Endeavour. Morning was busy as hustle/bustle in […]

05.01.11: Manly Beach and Night Watch

    Manly Beach, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Travels Down Under:Manly Beach and Night Patrol … Sunday, May 1, 2011 * Manly Beach, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia * After a very relaxing stay at his Couchsurfing host’s home in Manly Beach, Sir Thomas Leaf was very refreshed as it had been one of the most comfortable beds […]

04.29.11: History of Captain Cook, Govinda, and Floods

    HMB Endeavour, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Travels Down Under:Learning about the History of Captain Cook … Friday, April 29, 2011 * Brisbane, Queensland, Australia * A restful evening at his Couchsurfing host’s home in Brisbane’s Artsy West End, the adventuring sailor apprentice was soon off back to work as tour guide for the HMB […]

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