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2003: Life in Seattle

The adventures and life of Sir Thomas in the Pacific Northwest, living in the Emerald City – Seattle, Washington. September 2003: 09.26.03: Daily grind in Seattle (Seattle, Washington)


Saturday, 27 September 2003 ~ Seattle, Washington ~ Coming Soon … Mileage: [ HOME ]   [ PREVIOUS DAY ]   [ NEXT DAY ]


Thursday, 25 September 2003 ~ Seattle, Washington ~ Coming Soon … Mileage: [ HOME ]   [ PREVIOUS DAY ]   [ NEXT DAY ]

2001: Life in the Great White North

The Adventures of Sir Thomas Rhymer / Leaf McGowan in the Great White North … as he tried to emmigrate to Canada, life in Vancouver British Columbia and Point Roberts, Washington. September 2001: 09.26.01: Heading to the Green Lady (British Columbia) September 2004: 09.26.04: Life in Vancouver (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Tale 1: 2000 – Following the Oracle West

Sir Thomas Rhymour, downtrodden and bewildered, the loss of what he thought was the marriage of true love with his twin flame, dealing with it’s end. Confused he set off across America with a friend whom many thought was his twin-spirit for one last trip before moving out of the country. He met the Mother […]

12.17.14 Kid’s Time

Story Coming Soon …

09.21.14: Castle Lake, Mount Shasta, Friends

Sunday, 21 September 2014Ashland, Oregon – Shasta, California The Fall Equinox, Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and the Prince of Endurance headed off to Shasta celebrating the turning of the seasons with some good friends. It was a much needed day off from the shop, the trio went to Castle Lake to meet up with […]

09.27.13: Brookings and the Dunes

Saturday, 27 September 2013~ Gold Beach – Reedsport, Oregon Sir Thomas awoke from dreams about when he was at Starwood, chatting to a friend who belonged to the Church of Satan, who told him a tale about how one of the members of the Eagles had gotten involved with Anton LaVey’s daughter, went home with […]

09.26.11: Wanderings in Ashland

Monday, 26 September 2011~ Ashland, Oregon ~ Sir Thomas awoke on Lady Wendy’s land. He had some great mate tea with her over breakfast, contemplating life and the universe as well as his upcoming journey across the Great pond for love. He was recovering from the weekend’s festivities, vending, and packing up of things for […]

01.29.11: Faerieworlds Masquerade & Breitenbush Hot Springs

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] January 29, 2011 ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado – Breitenbush Hot springs, Oregon ~ In the wee dawn hours of the morning, Sir Thomas awoke way before dawn and drove his Isis Adventure Thru Time to the Denver International Airport, parked in short term, and boarded the air […]

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