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Chronicle 1: The Great Walkabout, New Beginnings

The Great Walkabout became a journey of self-discovery, finding roots, and paths for Sir Thomas Leaf, following oracles, omens, and prophecies of a Irish bride, a French bride, and the birth of a Prince. From journeying across the Rocky Mountains, down under Australia, across to Cornwall to dig Witchcraft pits, on to Burning Man, Sir […]

Chronicle 15: The Supernatural & the Paranormal

Coming Soon …

Chronicles 2: Searching for a Western Nest

06.20.13: The road to freedom … preparing for the scouting mission 06.21.13: Launching on the Summer Solstice 06.22.13: The Journey Begins – Chapel Hill, NC 06.23.13: Chapel Hill to Occoquan 06.24.13: Occoquan to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 06.25.13: Berkeley Springs and the Magic Waters 06/26/13 Harrisburg, Amish, Hershey, and the Chocolate Factory 6/27/13 – Pearl […]

10.01.15: Awakening from the Grave

Thursday, 1 Octobre 2015 It has been a long time since adventure tales have prevailed for our explorers as they sunk into the dark heat scorching drought infested depths around Hell. A journey that was necessary from their financial collapse in the Cascades. They did what any good adventurers would do – take the first […]

12.03.13: Visiting the Witch at Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle, Blarney, Ireland (Eire) Tuesday, December 3, 2013* Blarney Castle, Blarney, Ireland (Eire) * “It is time” stated Sir Thomas Leaf to Lady Etain as they headed out of her Mom and Dad’s home in Douglas, Ireland. Off they went for their annual trek to the Blarney Castle and into the The Rock Close […]

06.10.12: Irish Pirates, Mayhem in Cornwall, & A Castle Sieze …

In its 7th year … The Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf are back … The Great Walkabout Down under and Sailing the Seven Seas will be on hold in its completion for the time being due to funding & time it takes to process the photos, write, and design the pages – these tales should […]

02.04.11, 02.05.11, 02.06.11, 02.07.11: Processing the Vision

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] Friday, 4 February 2011 through Monday, 7 February 2011 Colorado Springs, Colorado Weather: Overcast and dreary. Low in the 10’s, high in the 30’s. As the weekend arrived, Sir Thomas spent most of it going through possessions and figuring out what to get rid of and what […]

02.01.11, 02.02.11, 02.03.11: Candlemas Oracles

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] Tuesday, 1 February 2011 through Thursday, 3 February 2011Colorado Springs, Colorado Weather: Overcast with snow showers alternating clear days. Low in the 10’s, high in the 30’s. Sir Thomas had a regular routine each work day of crawling off the couch, on into the shower, and into […]

09.26.00: Laundry, chores, and a fender bender in Bloomington

Tuesday, 26 September 2000~ Bloomington, Indiana – Gary, Indiana ~ Sir Thomas and Lady Tanya awoke at Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary, packed up their tent, said goodbye to the Elves, hopped in the car and headed north on Interstate 65 towards Bloomington. It was a long contemplative journey for Sir Thomas Rhymour. Sir Thomas was told […]

Dream of Druidry

Another bizarre dream young Thomas was mesmerized by. He was on a open very misty moor. He was surrounded by several white robed Druids gathered around a fire in a megalithic stone circle. Incantations were being made, mistletoe swirling in a pot, offerings that flared in the fire, and drinks were shared. He felt very […]

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