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02.18.96: Pride

Sunday, 18 February 1996Tallahassee, Florida Lady Hena was feeling much better about herself as she wrote a manifesto to her husband to be. [ HOME ]

05.31.96: Breanna finishes the Third Grade

Friday, 31 May 1996Tallahassee, Florida Princess Breanna celebrated her last day at Kate Sullivan Elementary completing the third grade. It was such an exciting time. Dad took off from work and graduate school to be part of her celebration. Lady Hena also attended with cake, cookies, and kool-aid at their East Brevard street house afterwards. […]

05.01.96: Moving In

Wednesday, 1 May 1996Tallahassee, Florida Princess Breanna would soon be finishing up school at Kate Sullivan Elementary for the school year. Sir Thomas was excited for her to progress on to the Fourth Grade. He dropped her off at school and headed to Florida State University to meet with his major professor Dr. Bruce Grindal. […]

01.24.96: friendships and others

Wednesday, 24 January 1996Tallahassee, Florida Another day at Graduate School and working for the National Park Service. Sir Thomas was getting a bit stressed out, overwhelmed by single parenting, full time graduate school, and full time working at the National Park Service. He was desperately trying to finish up school and his Master’s degree before […]

01.05.96: The Proposal

Friday, January 5, 1996Tallahassee, Florida Princess Breanna would be coming home from her mother’s this weekend, so this was one of the last weekends this month that Sir Thomas and Lady Hena could have the weekend alone together. She came up early on Friday to join him and some co-workers for lunch at Sir Thomas’ […]

01.08.96: The whirlwind

Monday, January 8, 1996Tallahassee, Florida Princess Breanna returned home from her mother’s a few days ago and was settling back into school this date at Kate Sullivan Elementary. They were back at the city house on East Brevard street back to their routines – the Princess to elementary school classes and after-school program, Sir Thomas […]

09.21.94: Wednesday Markets at Florida State University

Wednesday, 21 September 1994Tallahassee, Florida Every wednesday it was standard routine for Sir Thomas to wake up by 6 am, drop his daughter Princess Breanna off at school and drive over to the University. It was a bit rough as a single parent juggling work, Graduate school, and work at the National Park Service. Sometimes […]

09.24.96: Florida Department of State

Tuesday, 24 September 1996Tallahassee, Florida Sir Thomas began his first day at the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources as the Information Coordinator/Webmaster for Florida Kids, FLorida Facts, Florida Division of Historical Resources, the Museum, Underwater Archaeology, and several other sections. He left the National Park Service Southeastern Archaeological Center for the new […]

02.14.96: Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, 14 February 1996Tallahassee, Florida It was Valentine’s Day – the celebration of Love. Sir Thomas was so happy and content at having a life mate and a new life together with his queen. A full day for Princess Breanna at Kate Sullivan Elementary, and graduate school as well as Museum technician work at the […]

02.13.96: Contemplations

Tuesday, 13 February 1996Tallahassee, Florida As Valentine’s day approached, Sir Thomas just thought and thought about the love of his life, and how addicted he was to her and the relationship. He realized he was becoming lost into her soul. He was comfortable, so in love. It was like a virus. Her heart meshed with […]

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