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Dream of the 7 white robed beings

One night Sir Tom had a dream off a council of 7 white robed, white beings, appearing to be both male and female, looking quite elven and human, but they had only eyes and noses, no mouths. He later queried if these were The Wandjina (Something he learned about much later in life (age 50) […]

The Divorce (1990)

Sir Tom and Lady Kimberly saw the end of their love – first love of Sir Tom, it was a very disheartening time for his life. They fell out of love and wanted different things, Lady Kimberly wanting badly to be with women again, Sir Tom a struggling Catholic newly found Pagan having issues with […]

Chronicle 15: The Supernatural & the Paranormal

Coming Soon …

Quest of the Ring – Chapter 4: Janet’s Foss and the Faerie Queen (04.02.07)

Monday 2 April 2007 :: Malham, England – Yorkshire:: Early to rise … our fine adventurers stumbled down to the hostel breakfast buffet to fill their bellies for a 7-9 mile hike around Malham, it’s scars, and many waterfalls. ‘Tis also the morning they set out to meet the Faerie Queen of Janet Foss in […]

Ouija Boards and Witchcraft

Now that they were living in the desert, far away from the haunted Wykagyl Terrace mansion, there were no more ghosts and ghastlies wandering around their home. Young Thomas missed having ghosts in his house. Him and his friends, would often sneak off to the valleys they built forts in and on occasion used the […]

The Seance and the floating book

Young Thomas and his siblings snuck up to father’s study and library. It was in here, while the parents were not home, the children decided to try to contact the spirit of the house that has been causing so much problems for them. Also, they’ve seen enough horror movies on the tube that they figured […]

Shadows in the Window

Young Thomas was frightfully awoken from his sleep in the mansion on Wykaggyl Terrace in Nouveau York. He peeked over his sheets. Something was lurking in the room. He heard footsteps. But he didn’t see anything. He tried to wake his younger brother in the bed next to him, but couldn’t. He had to face […]

Po Po, the Elf

Young Thomas’ parents had a cabin in the woods lakeside with about 5 acres of land going down to the lake front. Along that stretch was a steep hill with boulders, wooden thickets, and covered with wild strawberries. The kids called it “Strawberry hill” and it was a place where they often hung out. This […]

Shadow being

Young Thomas was playing with his toys in his bedroom when he caught in a glimpse over his shoulder someone else. He quickly turned around and no one was there. He became scared and cried for his mother. She came and no one was there. Checked the closet, checked under the bed, and behind the […]

Pirate Gremlin on the dresser

Young Thomas awoke to a rumble and the sound of something skittering along the dresser across from his bed. He caught it face on, eye to eye. It was a small man, between 1 1/2 and 2 feet tall, on his dresser, dressed like a pirate – patch over the eye and sword in hand. […]

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