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11.21.13: Walking through the Wild West, spaced out with Aliens, deep within the earth

Thursday, 21 November 2013Ruidoso to Lincoln to Roswell, New Mexico Our well rested explorers met together down at the Inn of the Mountain Gods breakfast buffet to fuel up for their journey towards the land of aliens. They hustled to get their bags together as they caravan-ed out in the round pull through circling the […]

11.19.13: White Sands, Three Rivers, Inn of the Mountain Gods

Tuesday, 19 November 2013* Alamogordo, New Mexico – Riodoso, New Mexico * Early to rise, the clan of travelers met together at the Motel 6 where Sir Rob Wildwood, Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Prince Cian had stayed the night. (Docteur Mangor, Lady Angela, and prince Winter stayed elsewhere) They grouped together and set […]

11.17.13: Journey to Phoenix

Sunday, November 17th, 2013 * Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona * Early to rise but a late start out, Sir Thomas Leaf awoke early and packed up the truck while Lady Etain, Lady Angela, Docteur Mangor, and the young prince Cian and Winter slept in. He caught up on WiFi, and once the wee […]

6/27/13 – Pearl River, Sleepy Hollow, childhood and the Headless Horseman

Sleepy Hollow, New York Thursday, 27 June 2013Pearl River, Sleepy Hollow, and New Rochelle, New York The adventurers awoke with intent to explore the haunting grounds of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. Late to depart slumber, the duo headed down for breakfast with the cousins, and then headed off on their mythical hunt towards […]

Q-Link & Witchery on the Pre-Internet

Sir Thomas at this point was a pretty skilled programmer in Basic, and navigating through Usenet, the Online BBS systems, and creating some pretty magical applications evoking daemons, and doing computer wizardry. He was in his senior year of High School. Enamored by the movie “Weird Science” he came up with tons of odd ideas […]

80’s Pop, New Wave, and the Madonna Wannabe

Sir Thomas started to move away from heavy metal and more into 80’s Top Pop Music. When he encountered Madonna‘s “Everybody”. He was hooked. He started to get off Usenet as much info about Madonna as he could, MTV video recordings on his VHS, and even saved up money from working at Safeway as a […]

The Other People and Faeries

The Other People By now young Thomas was a big “Indiana Jones” fan and wanted to be an archaeologist. He wanted to discover ancient cultures. He wanted to find treasures. His father continuously took him and his siblings on trips all over the American Southwest, down into Mexico, visiting ancient temples, ruins, cliff dwellings, pueblos, […]

The Young Magician, Sir Thomas

The Young Magician The Young Thomas was now a teen, and very much enchanted by the magical arts. He was now a young “Sir”.  “Sir Thomas”, the young mage. As a side job he would perform tricks and illusions for birthday parties and school fundraisers. He did a big performance in his high school auditorium […]

BBS, Usenet, and Computer Hacking

Sir Thomas was learning quickly how to hack and crack. He figured out how to get into the school computer systems and was able to change his absences when he skipped school. Most of his classmates thought he was “square” and “very straight”, so he wasn’t invited to many parties. He could never figure out […]

The Commodore 64, Rocky Horror, and losing his virginity

Sir Thomas, a young man, and a budding programmer was overjoyed when for his birthday he got a computer upgrade from the Vic-20 to the Commodore 64. He elaborately weaved a fantasy world and tried to fool his younger brother into believing that he was working for some underground research facility for the Department of […]