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Chronicle 12: Sacred Springs of the Wild West

Coming Soon … the Epic collection of Sacred Springs and Holy Wells in the Wild West in the meanwhile, visit

The Rise and Fall of a Technogypsie

Life of a Nomad, Our rise and fall From the journal of Sir Thomas Leaf McGowan, 16 August 2016 “Its amazing how many people asked us during a weekend we were vending last month … “So Leaf, where are you living these days – you seem to be everywhere?” to which i replied “We live […]

08.14.16 Day 2 – Second Star Festival

That afternoon as the festival began winding down, the crew began the tedious task of breaking down their booth, packing up their inventory, and saying farewell to their friends and extended family. Good times had by all. Sir Leaf used baby wipes to remove most of his silver paint, and they attempted on their trek […]

08.13.16 – 2nd Star Festival, Day 1

Saturday, 13 August 20152nd Star Festival 2016, Florence, Oregon Chilled with coastal cold temperatures, the adventurers awoke not wanting to get out of the sleeping bags in their tent knowing it would be colder outside. They ventured out into a fog bank, mists roaming in from the beach that was a stone’s toss from their […]

07.25.16 State of the world, nomadic lifestyles

Monday 25 July 2016Everett, Washington Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Prince Cian awoke this morning refreshed and rested after a nice adventure merchanting the E.S.P. (Earth Sky Pagan Campout) at the Longhouse in Redmond this last weekend. The tolls of nomadic travel and adventuring has been taking its effect on them. It has been […]

01.18.16-01.19.16: Contemplating 2016

Monday-Tuesday, 18-19 January 2016White Salmon, Washington Exploring the Mosier Tunnels yesterday gave Sir Thomas some inspiration for his wanderlust cravings and the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. The present is about waiting for winter to pass and bright new skies for explorations that lay ahead. Monday and Tuesday was spent […]

12.28.15: Hanging at the Beach ….

Monday, 28 December 2015White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon Awaking parched and light headed, they realized the propane heater blew out in the wee hours letting the gas leak to empty. Usually they turn it off before going to sleep, but getting down to 14 degrees was a bit unbearable. The adventurer’s budget is […]

12.21.15 Quick Trip to Phoenix

21 December 2015Roseburg, Oregon – Phoenix, Oregon A night’s slumber at the Motel 6 in Rice Hill, Oregon was just what the weary adventurers needed. A free hotel stay from their point collections through was a blessing to the un-existing budget as well. Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian took a nice swim in […]

12.17.15 Snowed In White Salmon

December 17, 2015White Salmon, Washington The unfortunate was to be expected as was feared by Sir Thomas Leaf when he awoke this morn. All week he knew he needed to find time and get through the inventory he had spread out under the festival tents setup at the White Salmon base camp before the snow […]

12.11.15: Bearings, Hubs, Repairs

Friday, 11 December 2015The Dalles, Oregon – White Salmon, Washington The adventurers whirlwind has just turned into a snow-whirl as the next several weeks look grimm. Sir Thomas Leaf’s final paycheck for the year (1 week’s worth of work) arrived at midnight and half of it went to the final repairs on the Explorer. No […]