04.01.15: Errands and Sundries in Ashland, Oregon


Wednesday, 1 April 2015
Hornbrook, California – Ashland, Oregon – Phoenix, Oregon – Weed, California

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The explorers awoke frozen, wrapped in their sleeping bags, under-prepared for the freezing temperatures that were bombarding Oregon. They had just come from Southern California where temperatures were in the 90’s (degree Fahrenheit). Ditching the shorts and t-shirts they wore coming into the area, they donned long sleeve shirts, pants, and jackets. They had crashed that night in their festival wagon at the Randolf Collier Safety Rest Area, Hornbrook, CA. As they were leaving, the rock band parked next to them gave them a blast of exhaust fumes from the yellow bus’es generator, forcing the adventurers to move down a few spaces to start working on breakfast. They then headed on up Mount Ashland to see shimmers of snow once again. Then down the mountain past Emmigrant Lake which seemed to have bounced back with water levels. They made their way into Ashland to check mail at the post office and mailboxes place, onward to the bank, then into Phoenix Oregon to grab merchandise out of storage. They took a rest break at the charming little Blue Heron Park – Phoenix, Oregon to make up lunch and give young Prince Cian some play time in the playground. They spent most of the afternoon packing up the festival wagon with supplies they would need for their adventure in California then headed over to Medford to stock up on sundries and foodstuffs at Grocery Outlet, then Trader Joes, and finally at Fred Meyers. Stocked up with the cloak of evening falling, they went back down into Ashland for swims and showers at the Ashland Family YMCA. Prince Cian remarkably was skillful with swimming underwater and to-fro mom and dad. Towards evening, they made their way through the cold temperatures back over Mount Ashland to the Weed California rest area for a night’s rest until their next day’s trek down into the heart of California.





















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