10.02.15: Financial fumbling, Search for Energy, and A very Gothic Birthday


Friday, 02 Octobre 2015
Mordor, the Golden Land

The adventurers had a bit of a sleep-in as it was a start of a three day weekend and figuring out their dilemma. He climbed out of bed onto the computer to figure out a web page dilemma transferring web sites from an old server to a new server for a client and extended family member, as it was not serving up the proper data from the new mysql database he created. A damn wordpress URL reference hidden in the reading settings was the cause and voila the pages displayed properly. Approval for the site was next on business. Funding until pay day and a car battery needing urgent replacement. Pay day was still over 8 days or less to go, With $6 to their name and a debit about to overdraft, Sir Leaf frantically checked out Amazon for sales, response from Europe if his photo was sold to a European magazine, fumbled through the coin jar, and any paypal payments from his side work. A couple of costumes sold on Amazon, so he and Lady Etain fulfilled the orders quickly and submitted payment transfer which would go through in a matter of days into their account. The editor in England sent note that her Director would make the decision next week and she’d let Sir Leaf know, The coin jar was only about $2.32 granting them a balance of $8.32 to their name, and paypal was zero. But then a well blessed saving grace occured, his web client instantly paid him for his work and they were fueled to go. Trying to rush out the door to get the funds from Paypal to the local bank was missed within seconds as an overdraft fee struck the account before they could get there. Priorities were established – car battery, food, and gas. A blessing also that they would now be able to drive to their sister’s very Gothic Birthday tonight to celebrate more blessings. This however has been a mere sample of the unfortunate turmoil for the adventurers in Mordor, running out of funds by the middle of the month and struggling the last weeks to make the bills that everyone expects payment for at the beginning of the month. Delayed paycheck routing by companies and once a month payments wreak more havoc than most companies know. Unfortunately not an element assigned specifically to Mordor.

The car was dead so Sir Leaf pulled up their van and gave it a jump start and started to prepare for their quest of energy, a new replacement car battery. They drove to the post office to drop off orders aplenty, then to the O’Reily Auto wanting $135 for a new battery, onwards to Sears who wanted $120, then to Kmart requesting $115, Firestone at $125, all requiring the car battery to be presented in exchange or an additional core fee of $15-20 would be added on, in addition since he didn’t have the proper tools with him, they were all asking $18-22 to install. “Seriously?” Sir Leaf thought as he remembered in Colorado, the same battery cost him $65. The economics of Mordor is obviously a double rip-off of the purse that is the root of survival in this overcrowded dust bowl. $65 in another region with free installation vs. minimally $135. He decided to hold off as they never turned off the engine during their journey, he wouldn’t have the tools available to bring in the core to do it himself. They figured they would tackle it when the paycheck arrived using the other vehicle in the meanwhile for their journey afoot. Food was obtained and back to the house with just enough time to ready themselves for the family affair. They plundered their store shelves for the right birthday gifts and they scrambled through their costumes abundle, finding a black utili-kilt and gothy shirt for Sir Leaf, and a treat to a pirate headscarf from the shop they maintain. The Prince as well blessed with a pirate costume from the shelf as his former one awaits laundering to perform. Lady Etain grabbed her steam punk gown and a dark top … they were soon off to a very Gothic Birthday.

Gas was the next agenda of the day, as they traveled an hour west to a splendid abode of their sister a-nest. Candles amass and haunted decor aplenty, they were the first to arrive to the eve of the party. Candies and chips, cheese and veggies, and drinks to calm the stress of the day … friends were soon arriving as well as more family, the young Princes began a game of cat and mouse, wrestling and tumbling in playful cheer. They took a break to play with the toy cars only momentarily as they headed off for more chase. The alphabet letters on the fridge captivated them as well as the bugs on the wall in the lair. Old faces and friends were rejoiced in reunion as catching up from old times to new were achieved by all. Everyone’s costumes and garb was amazing, as Lady Diamondheart Jones had a photo booth ready for group photos in the wooded area of their abode. It was a bit tough to keep the Princes still for the photoshoot but hopefully something was achieved with a smile. Alas Sir Leaf discovered his memory card was still in his computer and a dying phone prevented his own photos. The young Prince of Endurance after quite a fuss of wanting to leave found pleasure in playing in a dirt pile he found around the pine tree. Fascinated by his toy cars in the dirt, he was satisfied enough so the Adventurers could postpone their exit to catch up with their sister Lady Cimcie who was just arriving. But the distraction didn’t last very long as the young Princes were ready to go. A drive further west the brothers, sisters, and cousins headed to another haunted house in Echoe Park for a slumber party well needed before their delving of a free fair in the City of Lost Angels, where their friends would be performing.





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