11.20.15: Surveys and Woody’s

Friday, 19 November 2015
Cedarville, California

Early to rise, Sir Thomas left at 7 with the crew into the hills. They crossed the playa and the Nevada border along the Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs back country byway and took the four-wheel drive jeep rails towards their survey area. A pretty extreme pedestrian survey up and down the hills and cliffs identifying archaeological resources. Two teams scouring the landscape. The weather was fishy and showing signs of foulness, but the brave surveyors continued on. Over 10 sites identified with lithic scatters, a really nice spring site, and encountering 18 of the known wild horses in the area was a special treat. Meeting up with the other team who was recording an amazing complete spear point and a rock art panel with a stagecoach drawn by a horse. Pretty amazing Sir Thomas thought. As the sun fell, the weary adventurers headed out of the hills, across the playa into California, and met up at woody’s bbq for a group dinner and a farewell to one of their team mates heading back to the southeast for the holidays. Good food, good spirits, good times. Afterwards our adventurers headed back to the Sunrise Motel for rest and recuperation for a new day of survey and recording awaited them the next day.


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