12.11.15: Bearings, Hubs, Repairs


Friday, 11 December 2015
The Dalles, OregonWhite Salmon, Washington

The adventurers whirlwind has just turned into a snow-whirl as the next several weeks look grimm. Sir Thomas Leaf’s final paycheck for the year (1 week’s worth of work) arrived at midnight and half of it went to the final repairs on the Explorer. No work on the horizon and no income / checked expected – they are to exist on sales from their shopping cart Tree Leaves and Amazon/Etsy sales until Sir Thomas finds another job. His current archaeological expeditions are postponed until after the holidays due to snow and weather. Temperatures are about to hit sub-freezing and weather turmoil with snow in the forecast.

weather wed-thru-xmas

Early to rise at 7 am, the “Cliffhanger” – a small 15×15 wooden “tea room” hut that hangs over the most daring rapids of the White Salmon river was holding a temperature of 51 degrees. Sir Thomas and Lady Etain had pinned up plastic and blankets over the scenic view of the drop-off below of the raging river to get some insulating effective as their two small portable heaters run in through extension cords are trying to fight off the oncoming freezing weather. Bundled in layers and buried under sleeping bags the adventurers are trying to stay warm as the upcoming weekend storm is soon to hit with several inches (maybe feet) of snow. Sir Kevin struggles the same in his trailer just up the hill from them. The property is nearly off the grid except for a small connection to the county electric, well water and propane heat for the rest. No phone, no internet. No work in the horizon, meaning no hotels and perdium from the employer, Sir Thomas and Lady Etain run into town daily 15 miles and across the river into Oregon to a coffee shop to check email and phone messages hoping to hear of a job offer or to find some internet orders for subsistence. Food stamps applied for, hopefully approved soon now that no income is coming in. Its a bit grimm, but so is the life of Gypsies, Nomads, and Tinkers during winter months where weather can stand in the way of everything.

By 8 am, Sir Thomas, Lady Etain, and the Prince of Endurance headed into town at the comfortable outdoor temps of 38 degrees fahrenheit with no rain in the sky, although threatening snow storms on the horizon. Remarkably the engine light was not only not blinking, but non-existence, although the bearings were grinding away. Today they hoped they would have their final week’s paycheck so they could fix their car and rid it of repair needs. They pulled over at a rest stop in Husum to check the bank balance, and it arrived. So into the Dalles they drove, hitting O’Reily’s Auto Parts to buy the part, and off to Hewitt Auto Repair for the fantastic work this saviour does, to get it installed. They checked the error codes and nothing of concern. Fingers crossed our adventurers have their Explorer back up and running minus the exhaust leak. It ran smoothly. Stop off at Starbucks for Chai and Wifi, job-hunting, order checking, and inventory listing. Trying to stay positive – Sir Thomas Leaf plugs on.


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