04.27.11: Off to Learn 18th Century Sailing; The HMB Endeavour



Travels Down Under:
Off to Learn 18th Century Sailing …

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

* Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia *

It was yet a very exciting and sad day for Sir Thomas Leaf. He was very excited to fly off to Brisbane to learn about 18th century sailing aboard the HMB Endeavour. Yet, he was very sad to depart from his new, yet very close friend from Down Under. Sir Bluey Bee had quite an impact on our adventurer. A friendship of explorers forever molded. Sir Bluey brought Sir Leaf to the Canberra Air Dragon Court for him to climb aboard the Virgin Blue Air Dragon. Aboard he went and out into the skies he flew, above Canberra and the rest of the Australia Capital Territory. Beautiful sights down below as he flew overhead of the amazing lands of Down Under. As he touched down into Brisbane, in the Brisbane Air Dragon Court he collected his bags and shuttled via the Airtrain Service to a pickup location where his Couchsurfing hosts picked him up. Lady Kristina and Lady Kristiana were hosting him. An amazing duo … he felt right at home with them with a kindred. They welcomed him with a gift of Tim Tams just as Sir Bluey Bee did when he arrived in Canberra. As they were off to work, Sir Thomas Leaf unpacked him bags and made himself at home, soon off to explore Brisbane and seek out the HMB Endeavour to see if it had arrived in port yet. He was also on a quest for some supplies. He explored and familiarized himself with Brisbane’s Artsy West End Neighborhood. Across the Victoria Bridge he headed downtown. As he was crossing through Brisbane Square there was an amazing farmer’s market going on, where he prized several fresh tomatoes, pineapple, cashews, avacadoes, and tea. Eagle Pier where the Endeavour was to be docked. There she was in her Majestic glory Sir Thomas was impressed and excited as he would be climbing aboard her tommorrow. He sought out if any of the staff was around, found some, and made introductions to get a good set on the time to meet tommorrow. He was extremely excited as since his premonition of Pirate Relief he has been immersing himself in the explorations of the sea and becoming a seaman. Afterwards, he grabbed himself a Chai at the local Starbucks to get in some chai n’ wifi. Once Lady Kristina and Lady Kristiana were off from work, he met back up with them for an evening of introductions. In their tiny studio, they made him comfortable with an air bed in the living room and bid him a good night’s sleep.

[ Chronicles: Tracing Captain Cook’s Footsteps ]

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Canberra International Airport




Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Flight from Canberra to Brisbane, Australia




Queensland, Australia













Brisbane, Queensland, Australia














Brisbane International Airport
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia








Tim Tams



West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia







Victoria Bridge
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia






Brisbane Square
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Eagle Pier, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


HMB Endeavour
Eagle Pier, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia









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