01.04.16 Husum and the Weldon Wagon Trail

Weldon Wagon Trail – Husum. January 2, 2016: Exploring White Salmon, Washington.

~ Husum / White Salmon, Washington ~

Trapped by the snow fall, Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Prince Cian decided to explore some of the surroundings as wanderlust was affecting them hardcore. Firing up the roadster grill, Sir Thomas Leaf made egg and cheese croissantwiches for breakfast. Sir Thomas noted that the propane was sputtering and needed refilling. They bundled up and tromped down the forested path to their chariot – the Ford Explorer they parked along the road since the driveway was too snowed in to drive down without getting stuck. They shoveled snow and ice to get the Explorer going while it was warming up with intent to chisel their way out the best they can.

The delvers wandered around Husum, BZ Corner, and Trout Lake admiring the winter scenery, the closed off roads, and the snowy playgrounds. Exploring old farms and forest roads until they couldn’t go any farther because of snow fall and drift. They discovered sections of the Weldon-Hyndman Wagon Road that connects the Sandborn road to the town of Husum. It was along this road that the residents of Sandborn used to take sleds down hauling their products 3 miles to and from Husum.

The cold delvers returned to the Cliff Hanger, hung out a bit with Sir Kevin and Miles, and pondered plans for the Spring. Sir Thomas then took a drive into Hood River to get propane for the grill at the Tum-a-lum Lumber company. He then ventured over to Safeway and Rite Aid in Hood River for sundries and supplies for dinner. Upon his return, the Rogues Kevin and Miles were chatting with Lady Etain and playing with Prince Cian. Long quiet day and even colder night. Sympathy for the early pioneers set into Sir Thomas’ head as he disappeared off to dream land.

Mileage: 73 miles

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