01.11.16, 01.12.16, 01.13.16, 01.14.16, 01.15.16, 01.16.16: Over with the snow and digging out

The Cliffhanger.

11-16 January 2016
White Salmon, Washington

The Adventurers had experienced a really rough two months of being snowed into the wilderness off-grid retreat of Sir Miles and Kevin the Rogue, living in the Cliffhanger – a former tea house dangling over the White Salmon River. Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and the Prince made due with their situation after they became trapped and snowed in for several months during the winter. Every morning they had a daily ritual of digging their car out the driveway and chopping ice, trying to carve a parking area for their Explorer by the roadside, then working on digging out their cargo trailer from the ice. It became a repetitive pattern of no-plumbing; using trees for the rest room; meager electric connectivity into a dank cabin (former tea house) built on stilts hanging over the White Salmon river, watching movies and grilling up meals, coasting into the Gorge on little gas and borrowed cash. They were not really even treading water in the sea of life. Their weeks involved periodic internet trips to the library, Dairy Queen, Subway, and Starbucks to get free wifi internet signals so that they could hunt online for work, try to sell things online via eBay, Etsy, and Amazon; and carting around a land mate to his probation meetings while trying not to go insane with the weekly drunken blow-outs the brothers had around them. Dealing with drunken land mates who were insane in the evenings, drinking beer and shooting off guns into the woods. Each time that happened, Sir Thomas feared for safety of a stray bullet going elsewhere. It did not feel safe. It was a pretty miserable experience. It broke the spirit of Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Etain, and caused havock in their relationship that was already struggling due to lack of resources, work, and finances. They did everything they could to literally dig out of their snow tomb. But faith and hope were becoming lost in the battle. Emotional breakdowns and suffrage was the theme of most days.

January 11
White Salmon, WA – Hood River, Oregon

A day of chores, grocery shopping, getting diapers and wipes, the Hood River library and wifi at the Dairy Queen to the $5 buck lunch. The adventurers were quite busy. Some amazon and Pirate relief sales saved the day and helped them get through the days.

Mileage: 28 miles

January 13
White Salmon, WA – Hood River, Oregon

The crew was back in Hood River doing chai n’ wifi, processing orders, and doing business. They raised enough to get some gas as a local station.

Mileage: 28 miles

January 15
BZ Corner – White Salmon, WA

The adventurers saved some money by not crossing over the bridge into Hood River, doing wifi at the White Salmon library and subway in Husum.

Mileage: 22

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