01.10.16 Chai n’ wifi, orders and blogging

Sunday, 10 January 2016
White Salmon, WashingtonHood River, Oregon

It was a lazy day for the trio. They drove on into Hood River for some chai and wifi at Starbucks, and to process some orders. They received a flag order on Pirate’s Plunder to ship out tomorrow. Sir Thomas had started his “Offerings of the Naiads” book campaign on Kickstarter to build funds to finish the journey, research, travels, and writing. He was bombarded today with Kickstarter campaign companies trying to improve advertising, outreach, and targeted traffic. Yesterday he had listed his tow rack for sale, he got some inquiries but no one serious about buying it. They sold another sticker on Amazon – “I Believe in Magic” so belief started to be instilled that maybe things were on the upswing. He also sold one of his St. Brigid’s well cards and vials with the holy water in it, he was quite happy. Skype swiped $6.99 out of their pretty empty account to pay for Lady Etain’s calling program to Ireland. This unfortunately caused an overdraft fee of $35 from the bank. Sir Thomas worked on his “Offerings of the Naiads” book and began to make some progress. Prince Cian got pretty bored and rambunctious at Starbucks while the delvers were doing internet so they went down to the back parking lot to walk along the Columbia River. Afterwards the weary delvers headed back to the Cliff Hanger to make brats, peas, and potatoes for dinner. They retired to their daily routine of watching movies into the night.

Mileage: 28

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