01.18.16-01.19.16: Contemplating 2016

Monday-Tuesday, 18-19 January 2016
White Salmon, Washington

Exploring the Mosier Tunnels yesterday gave Sir Thomas some inspiration for his wanderlust cravings and the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. The present is about waiting for winter to pass and bright new skies for explorations that lay ahead. Monday and Tuesday was spent working on taxes, accounting, job hunting, product listings on Amazon and Etsy, digging the driveway for a path so the merchant cargo trailer could be removed, and general daily chores like laundry, house cleaning, and cooking. It was a pondering for the adventurers how they got where they were and the schemes at digging themselves into new horizons. Sir Thomas continued calling and emailing Logan Simpson to see if archaeology work was up and coming yet, and figuring out what festivals to vend inbetween projects for the summer. Oregon and Washington have hard winters, especially in the Gorge, Sir Thomas Leaf documented. Sir Thomas knew, while beautiful and mesmerizing, the Pacific Northwest was a really hard place to make ends meet, find work, and survive. Where would these adventurers best make it to nest? to prosper? That was the topic of the days. This was afterall the 4th time he attempted to make the Pacific Northwest his home. Days are numbered and he finally started to embrace that they must move on. It was great for Sir Thomas to get an order for some Blarney Bones pirate flags that he shipped out quickly.

Mileage: 0

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