04.26.16: Over the Cascades and Camping at Rogue River

Tuesday, 26 April 2016
Klamath Falls, Oregon – Ashland/Medford and Rogue River, Oregon

Sir Thomas arose at 5 am to check email, movie downloads, and facebook to catch up with everyone as he’s been out of communication for the last 6 days during the Archaeological Survey along tracts of Bryant Mountain. Normally he would just e checking out of the hotel and hitting the road but the crew chief wanted to finish off a parcel before they left for the session and invited he, Sir Patrick, and Sir Michael along for a short day. He filled up his water bottles and headed over to the lobby for eggs, hasrowns, biscuits/gravy, and orange juice for the included continental breakfast the Days Inn gave. He met up with the crew, piled into the work trucks, and they stopped at Lady J’s Truck stop for fuel. They headed literally into the bright blue yonder. Passing through Bonanza, Oregon they made their way up to Joe’s watering hole, geared up, and climbed up the ridge. They lined up in 30 meter spaced transects to survey several lines back and forth only finding this time around was a projectile point. After they returned to the truck they went to a historic trash scatter, flagged it, and called it a day. After returning from the field, he went in to awake sleeping Lady Etain and Prince Cian.

Sir Thomas, Lady Etain, and the Prince headed down to the breakfast buffet at the Day’s Inn to celebrate yet another successful Adventure in Archaeology. They were now contemplating their path to Ashland and the Oregon Coast while in between jobs. They had waffles, scrambled eggs, biscuits/gravy, sausage, and orange juice for breakfast. They bid farewell to the archaeology crew still loitering around the parking lot. With the field session ending, the explorers were on their way to Medford to run errands and visit their storage unit. It took seven trips up and down the steps for Sir Thomas to carry the gear and coolers down to the Explorer from the 2nd floor of the Days Inn. This was pretty exhausting after doing field work prior. Lady Etain didn’t offer to carry anything. Sir Thomas was pretty frustrated about doing all the work.

They headed west along I-40 over the pass towards Medford. Alas, Sir Thomas forgot to get fuel in Klamath Falls with barely enough to cruise down into shland. Crossing the pass they found snow still covering the ground which excited the Prince who played in it like it was a sandy beach. He even used his sand pail to dig in the snow. They headed on down to Dead Indian Memorial Road to Ashland. They barely made it into the Arco AM/PM gas station in Ashland only to find the card machine was broke rejecting all credit card payments. Luckily before they pulled out the attendant yelled “It’s fixed!!!” and they were able to fill up. Bypassing Ashland vortex they cruised into Talent, rabbed a quick sandwich from the corner market and pulled into their storage yard to unload unnecessary weight and pack up gear for the week. They ran into Sir Bob, the Little Debbie merchant who gifted them travel snacks and a box of cakes. They also ran into the Priestess Grael who updated them with hugs, spiritual journeys, and the upcoming Beltane Festival.

As evening approached, they dropped by Starbucks for chai n’ wifi once they hit Medford and had dinner around 10 pm at Applebees to have a business meeting reviewing the archaeology project and trip so far. They got word that next session was going to be postponed another week. They swung back by storage after getting an order requiring them to head to the Gorge. They visited Toy’s R Us so the Prince could play in and ride the toy cars there that are just his size. They camped the night in Rogue River State Park. It was a pleasant night’s camping in the merchant trailer. They watche Lucifer and Legends of Tommorrow for a night cap. Asleep they did for the night.

In the news today Sir Thomas Leaf learned that U.S. President Obama made it clear that the U.S. military would have no problem eliminating the threats posed by Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Updates on the Rhoden family murder mystery in Ohio with the grisley account of the man who was detained at gunpoint by police, questioned for 6 hours, let go, and questioning if a Mexican cartel could be to blame. It was also discovered that apples can be stored and sold up to 18 months after they are picked. New technologies to determine age of food and its nutrition levels are being developed and used. Trudeau confirmed that a Canadian Man was decapitated in the Phillipines. More info: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/this-morning-from-cbs-news-april-26-2016/

Mileage: 100


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