04.06.18: Movies, Deliveries, and Trip Planning

Friday, 6 April 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Clear and sunny. Day – Cloudy with a high of 45 °F (7.2 °C) and a 70% chance of precipitation. Winds variable at 4 to 9 mph (6.4 to 14.5 kph). Night – Cloudy with a 65% chance of precipitation. Winds variable at 4 to 9 mph (6.4 to 14.5 kph). The overnight low will be 23 °F (-5.0 °C)..

Sir Oisin passed out around 2 am from exhaustion. The double-feature of “A Quiet Place” and “Blockers” was good, having a dinner of chicken tenders, fries, and a large coke-zero at the Tinseltown theater. He used both his and the Prince’s Movie Pass to cover admissions. He misses his movie buddy. Sir Oisin drove home contemplating life – how much he misses his son and how all this is so unfair. He also reflected on how he’s not being kept informed of where Prince Cian is going to school or who is watching him while Lady Etain is working. She sent some emails on “child care” she was touring (not pre-schools – as she ripped him out of current program for her ego of having him back) and each school selection is getting desperate – one is a 5 am to 10 pm child care – obvious with such hours the teachers are drained as are the kids, its merely a drop-off for parents who don’t have time to parent. The other was a bilingual immersion daycare for chinese and spanish. Not sure why she’s considering that, if it was Gaelic-English it would be one thing. Frustrated, Sir Oisin drove home. The house was quiet. He downloaded the most recent Arrow, Supernatural, Siren, Magicians, and Lucifer. He managed to stay awake to “Siren” (his most favorite series at the moment) and fell asleep to Supernatural while processing receipts for taxes.

He awoke again at 5 am and finished Supernatural and watched Arrow. He snoozed again until 7:30 am, then grabbed a shower, slices of Pizza for breakfast, and got ready for his shift at 9 am.

At 9:14 AM Sir Oisin got his first delivery call for the morning, headed over to La Baguette for a residential customer. They had the order ready to go. Parking was easy as Old Colorado City was quiet.
The delivery was far away as a hotel up by Woodmen road. But it was clear, sunny, and seemed to be warming up. Afterwards, he drove over to Trader Joes to grab some orange juice, lemonade, and snacks for the road.

As delivery calls were slow with GH, he turned on his other UE delivery app, grabbing one during the down time inbetween his scheduled deliveries … a McDonald’s run to a student. No tip, as usual with this service. He then got his next call.

At 10:50 AM Oisin headed over to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery – Colorado Springs for a residential customer delivery up near the Citadel Mall. The skies became overcast and temperatures fell. Sir Oisin was curious about the temperature changes. The delivery took him way out towards Powers – far east of downtown.

At 11:26 AM Oisin headed over to IHOP for a residential customer. Light snow started to fall, and the skies became foggy. He was quite curious with the weather shifting so abruptly, he didn’t like being on this side of town as it gets snow even when the foothills don’t.

At 12:00 PM Oisin headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings for a residential customer. It was snowing much more and getting pretty cold out. Sir Oisin, being the Viking he is, still refused to put a coat on. After the delivery, he started heading home towards the foothills so that he could take his lunch break at his tiny home. Of course, just as his shift was about to end, he got called for another.

At 12:50 PM Oisin headed over to Odyssey Gastropub for a residential customer. He hoped this one wouldn’t run too long as he was looking forward to his 1 pm lunch break. It didn’t so he headed back to his house to finish laundry, make some lunch, get some taxes done, and prepare for his upcoming trip. It was a short lunch hour as he got called again.

At 2:20 PM Oisin headed over to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for a residential customer. The snow was much heavier now. He was very curious what the afternoon forecasted so reviewed it on his phone. Hoping his evening would not have problems with freezing rain.

He remarked at how unsettled he is about “apartments” and apartment living. They just seem like cardboard boxes built atop one another with very box-like lifestyles. Certainly not for him. He also reflected on the drivers on the roads – if they are not stoned or drunk, often not paying attention on their phones or tablets, most of them seem ego-centric and into themselves, appearing so self important that they must go first, be the first car here or there, and have the God-given right to go into traffic wherever they please, regardless of who they cut off. The suburbs, the traffic, the concrete jungle taking over nature, advertisements, signs, commercial real estate – very disgusting. The world a cookie cutter of destruction and development.

At 2:56 PM Oisin headed over to Red Gravy for a residential customer. A very friendly and cute waitress was on shift. He headed off to the north of town to deliver.

At 3:20 PM Oisin headed over to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for a residential customer. Unfortunately he drove all the way to the downtown location when it was the north side of town location instead. The waitress said there was no orders for that customer. He then raced through the snow storm to the north end and picked it up. Lesson learned he thought.
Immediately after that delivery, he was called right back to the same restaurant.

At 4:00 PM Oisin headed over to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for a residential customer. The waitress recognized him immediately and got him the order. It took him again right across town to the east side. He hates the east side. He pitstopped for lunch at Subway grabbing a meatball sub, cookies, and coke. His sub-maker was singing Renaissance / Medieval tunes – making him guess she’s a Rennie.

At 4:24 PM just while getting his own sub/grub at Subway, he got the call to go to the competitor of his lunches’ fare. Oisin headed over to Jersey Mike’s Subs off Woodmen for a residential customer. He scarfed down his sub and cookies before arriving. As he delivered this order, it became quite apparent it was dropping in the teens for temperatures, and he needed his coat, hat, and gloves as he was shivering after dropping off this order.

At 5:02 PM Oisin headed over to Pho-Nomenal for a residential customer. The freezing rain was getting bad as his windshield iced up and made it hard to see. His defroster was broken. Pho-Nomenal asked him if he wanted some water, it was welcomed and refreshing. The scents from this restaurant were true to its name – phenomenal. Definitely on his wish list for new restaurants to try. It was a physically heavy order – first of its kind, felt like he was weight-lifting. After dropping this order off, the freezing rain became unbearable. Sir Oisin had to start scraping his windows every other traffic light.

At 5:38 PM Oisin headed over to Red Robin for a residential customer order. It was crowded beyond belief. He met another delivery driver and they both revelled in their angst about the weather conditions. After dropping this order off, Sir Oisin was far east of town and the snow/freezing rain was unbearable. He could not see. He could barely make it between lights without having to pull over multiple times to scrape the windows. Just as he scraped it, the windows were frozen over again. Fifteen minutes into his last shift, he had to cancel it for the night. He barely made it home. He got a call in to Prince Cian who was at Starbucks with his mom, embedded into his cartoons on the kindle, and not wanting to talk to dad as he felt his viewing experience interupted. This was frustrating to Sir Oisin. Fussed about the weather to Sir Paul and Lord Jesse as he met up with them. Exhausted, he retired to a bowl of Chicken noodle soup, Chef Boyarde Ravioli canned goods for dinner and rented “I kill Giants”, passing out early as the snow fell.

Mileage: 100 miles (86 business, 14 personal)



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