06.10.18: Explosion, Swim Injury, and Urban Exploring

Sunday, 10 June 2018
Colorado SpringsDenver, Colorado

Weather: Day – Partly cloudy with a high of 89 °F (31.7 °C). Winds variable at 9 to 14 mph (14.5 to 22.5 kph). Night – Clear. Winds variable at 7 to 18 mph (11.3 to 29.0 kph). The overnight low will be 58 °F (14.4 °C). Waxing Crescent Moon.

Sir Oisin arose around 2:30 am, hearing the chatter from the campfire party 2 houses down. He began to watch Larry the Cable Guy – Witless Protection and fell back asleep. He awoke again around 7 am, did some blogging while the Prince slept in. Dad awoke Cian around 8:30 to get ready for a day doing deliveries, he was cheerful at first especially as Father allowed him to watch “Sponge Pants Bob”. They had Frosted Mini wheats and organic milk, orange juice, and yogurt for breakfast. The weather seemed to be a little cooler than yesterday, but a very hot day on the horizon. The skies presented slight overcast, but sunny hot rays peering through creating a summer heat.
But when it came time to tear him away from the show, given the Kindle was dead, the Prince was not a happy camper and became grumpy … “I’m not earning any money today. I don’t want it.” Dad said fine “I’ll keep it. I was just sharing what I earn.” He stomped all the way to the car. Prince Cian was being a grumpy pants.

Shift 1: Company 1: 9 am – 11 am

They clocked in for work at 9 am, but didn’t get a delivery request for nearly an hour. Around 10 am they headed over to IHOP parking by a Zombie Hunter jeep which fascinated the Prince. They then returned to the same IHOP around 10:30 am for another pickup and delivery. It seems enjoyable that there are no deliveries in the first hour or two of the shift, and getting paid the minimum to stick around home, but all-in-all it balances itself out to where the company is not really paying one to stick around home. It seems that if he signs up for an 8 hour day, he makes the same for the 6 hour day starting later. The company takes the combination of tip and delivery fees to come up with the hourly income, so if Oisin makes $10 in deliveries, the company doesn’t pay. If he makes $8 in deliveries, they’ll add in $2 to ensure he makes at least $10/hour. But if he makes $12 in deliveries and tips the 2nd hour, they’ll use $2 of that to compensate the missing $2 in the first hour, so don’t really “pay” extra. In addition, if he works an 8 hour shift, and only made $70, they’ll compensate $10 so he makes his $80, but if he decides to work extra hours, and makes $10, it’ll replace that $10 they compensated. So it’s a bit lame in that regard. Sir Oisin is still trying to figure it all out and make it work.

Shift 2: Company 1: 11 am – 1 pm:

Sir Oisin was called over to Jersy Mike’s Subs for a pickup and delivery. They ran over to “Kum n’ Go” convenience store and grabbed a cherry slushee for a snack. Afterwards they had a chance to stop at a playground to play tag. The Prince went and explained how to play tag to Dad. They chased each other around the grass and tickle wrestled. The Prince was back in good spirits. The Prince required a baby wipe down. Then around Noon they headed over to Qdoba Mexican Eats for pickup and delivery. They grabbed a bite to eat from Starbucks with Chai Crème Frappacino’s and sandwiches for lunch. They then went over to Memorial Park on the east side to walk down to the beach at Prospect Lake. The Prince amazingly bypassed the playground and wanted to play in the sand making grave memorials in the sand for fallen guards and fighters he said. It was appropriate since Memorial park was dedicated to fallen soldiers and guard. It was fun to watch the water skiers on the lake and those swimming, the Prince wanting dad to take them back there after work to go swimming. Cian found a small concrete door he said was a secret passage that he wanted to open, but it wouldn’t. The concrete plate would require some machinery to open. They had a great play session in the sand between deliveries.

Then at 12:30 they headed over to La Caretta for another pickup/delivery. The temperatures cooled down a bit, even though still hot in the 90’s. They got an extra $5 tip. They went to the garage sale across from the customer’s house and didn’t see anything that tickled their fancy. But they bought some ice cold powerades from him, at $1.00 a pop. It was refreshing.

Shift 3: Company 1: 1 pm – 3 pm:

Sir Oising and the Prince headed to the south part of the Springs and passed under an overpass pedestrian bridge that Prince Cian has requested to take a walk on for the last week every time they drove under it. So Dad complied finally. They parked by the defunct Denny’s Restaurants (all of the Denny’s in Colorado Springs were shut down by the city because the franchise holder had skipped the state running from fraud and not paying over $200,000 in back taxes) and hiked up over the pedestrian bridge. There was a homeless camp out here one day, but the city quickly shut it down within a few hours of them camping out. Sign of the times, the horrid displacement of people who can’t afford rent. Of course this un-nerved Sir Oisin walking this pedestrian bridge, but it proved pretty vacant and safe. Although there was an abandoned wallet and some other homeless specific trash, the Prince was intrigued by the architecture and wanted to follow it to the other foot bridge, but dad spied two teens in trench coats hanging out at the end where the bridge goes to the school and turned the prince around. The Prince asked dad what the graffiti on the ground said, and dad read it to him, as it was painted in blue “Don’t be basic.”

As they drove down Geyser drive, a flock of Canadian Geese were crossing the road. Some guy travelling down the opposite lane looked as if he was going to purposefully drive over them, but saw Sir Oisin gazing at him, so he swerved and miss them. Oisin shocked that someone would do that. Cian then said to dad “I’m not going to bed until midnight.” Dad said, “No you’re not, you’ll be going to bed your normal bed time around 9 or 10 pm.”

They then ran over to do a pickup at Buffalo Wild Wings and delivered at Game Stop. Their next delivery was 20 minutes later to Qdoba Mexican Eats next door, so the team got to browse around Game Stop for a bit. The Prince wanted toys, but dad said not till Friday. He saw a Freddy Nightmare figurine set and really wanted it. Dad not understanding how at age 5 Prince Cian is so knowledgeable about games already, Dad being clueless on such things since he’s actually against video games.

They then headed next door to Qdoba Eats and ran into a fellow delivery person who updated him on some changes with the company, like they were blocking our phone numbers and the customers from being seen on one another’s phones. After the delivery they had a free moment to go hang out at Prospect Lake and play at the beach. This time they went to the west beach. There was a ice vendor and a snow cone booth, the Prince chose the ice cream booth and got a watermelon bomb pop and they headed off for a pickup at a different Qdoba around 1:30 pm for another pickup and delivery. As they headed towards Gold Mesa to make their delivery, they passed by the aggressive angry homeless man on Nevada and Cheyenne Mountain Road who just yells obscenities and thrashes his arms. Oisin has never seen anyone give him a handout, he’s so angry.

On his way down the hill from Gold Mesa, Sir Oisin heard an explosion … theoretically in the engine, but could have been the tire. He pulled over and saw that the Ford Explorer blew a spark blug and boot from Cylinder 5. He was concerned. Luckily he left the car running, and coasted downhill to Advanced Auto Parts for their opinion. He and the tech spent a good hour trying to get the remainder of the spark plug out of the Cylinder but it wouldn’t budge. He tried calling on-call mechanics, but it was a Sunday after all. Oisin tried to call his roommate, but no luck. He had to cancel his work block, but he didn’t catch it in time to block two incoming orders, which he had to reject, making his rating lower. He rejected two good paying ones too – from Pho Brothers and Il Vincino Wood Oven Pizza. After an hour or so of trying, the tech recommended they just disconnect the boot, so no sparks, and he drive home on the 7 active cylinders. As soon as he started the car, the engine blew out the jammed plug allowing them to put in a new one. Oisin had to buy a new boot for the cylinder/plug which hurt him about $70. But the Engine seemed to be running fine and smooth again.

Shift 4: Company 1: 3 pm – 5 pm:

Oisin had to cancel the block, but worked it anyhow. It counted against him, but it was an auto mechanical emergency. He made a delivery around 4 pm to Pho Brothers . They delivered the order and as Prince Cian and his dad was exiting the apartment complex of the customer, the Prince saw a strange green bug on the door. He said “shit, fuck” at it. Dad was flabbergasted. He had never heard the Prince Curse. He sat the Prince down and lectured him on the power of words and how wrong that was to say. The Prince apologized. They then took a short break at Prospect Lake on the east side beach. At 4:30 pm to Buffalo Wild Wings . After the no-tipper, Oisin had no motivation to continue doing deliveries. So he called it a night. They decided to go play at Prospect Lake and take a swim.

They stopped by the west beach of Prospect Lake where over a dozen kids were swimming and playing in the water. The Prince relocated his sand grave memorial he made earlier. His mom called, and they chatted for 10 minutes, although the Prince was not interested in talking with her as he wanted to play in the sand. Dad wanted to go swimming and not hold the phone. But they got some time in. Dad went for a swim first, and the Prince was reluctant at first. Then another kid his age came with toys and a sea creature mask, lured the Prince into swimming, splashing, and playing in the shallows. Then it was impossible for Sir Oisin to get the Prince to leave the water … the Prince, independent swimmer now, showing off, and wanting to go deeper and deeper. Dad wouldn’t let him go to far out since there were boats out there. The Prince swimming above and below water on his own, floating on his back, the other kid was amazed and impressed saying he wished he knew how to do that. Dad wanted to dry off, so warned the prince 5 minute warning of time to stop swimming if he didn’t stay close. So he and the kid moved shallower. The Prince and his friend found what looked like a fishing bobbin in the water, dad told them not to play with it and move to even shallower waters so dad could stand on shore and watch over them. Just as they were getting close to get out of the water, the Prince stepped on something sharp and said “Owie” … and started to cry. Dad went and carried him to shore discovering he sliced the underside of his toe. Since the wound was on the crease, he needed to make sure it was okay, so gathered their gear and raced off to the closest Emergency Room. They couldn’t park in the garage since with the rooftop carrier, their vehicle was too large, so dad parked in the vendor space hoping not to get a ticket. The ER had a metal detection gate, they went through and checked in. The Prince indeed needed stitches. The doctors were good with him. They had to give him an injection for a pain killer after thought even though the original doctor said no shots. So the Prince was upset with that. The nurses required it. They gave him four stitches. It was very painful, dad shrugged in his own pain seeing his son get this done. Poor Prince had terror in his eyes. Dad cried as he cradled him. The Prince was given amoxicillin/clavulanic acid suspension antibiotics liquid just in case any infection from the water and whatever rock, glass, metal he got cut on. He had all his boosters and immunizations, tetanus for school so he was good. Cian has to take the antiobiotics twice a day for the next ten days. Dad carried him out of emergency room and to car.

After they drove off, the Prince wanted spicy chicken from panda express for dinner. The clock was turning 9 so dad was worried it wasn’t still open, but it was. They grabbed their food to go and headed home. They were home by 9:30 pm. They ate dinner to watching Sponge Pants Bob as per the Prince’s request. After dinner and Sponge Bob, The prince fell to sleep by 10 after trying to call mom. Dad stayed up for another hour to watch Fear the walking dead and naked and afraid then passed out. It was a Horrid yet exciting day Sir Oisin thought.

Mileage: 54.18 miles delivery (Total 68)


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