06.11.18: Recovery, A Quiet Place

Monday, 11 June 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Hot and clear skies, high of 98 degrees, low of 60’s.

Sir Oisin was up before the Prince as usual getting some blogging and accounting done before he awoke. The Prince slept in longer than usual, probably worn out from the debacle that was his swim injury and stitching at the Emergency Room yesterday. It was a late night for him as well. Dad decided that he needed to cancel the 8 hours of deliveries scheduled for the day, as the Prince needed to stay off his feet and recover. Or so he thought. The Prince awoke claiming no pain or odd feelings in his foot and wanted to literally jump up on his feet instantly. So was his awakening that morning. It was Dad, however, being an overprotective father … was the concerned one with the Prince’s foot being kept out of harm’s way. Sir Oisin at first only cancelled shifts scheduled until 2:30 pm just to see what would happen. The ER doctors said it would be best to keep the Prince off his feet for at least 24 hours, and although the Prince still being a toddler, was quite heavy to carry everywhere. Sir Oisin also contacted the crews at Northern Realms War to notify they had to cancel merchanting the event, because Sir Oisin was concerned about the Prince’s foot. It is one thing to keep it dry and clean at home, but camping would be a whole different tale. It was best that they stay locale and at home. Keeping it clean and dry at home will be a feat in of itself Sir Oisin thought. It would be an interesting week – having to figure out how to make work flow.
Arising at 7:30 am, Sir Oisin had a chance to briefly catch up with his roommate and landlord, Lord Jesse. Lord Jesse was quite busy catching up with grades of his students, writing updates on each student, and warned Sir Oisin he would be non-existent for much of the week.

Sir Oisin’s car seems to be running fine now that he fixed the cylinder boot and plug replacements. Still heavy on his shoulders, he is aware that the Ford Explorer was getting old and would soon need to be replaced. He needs to clean it up and list it on the market sooner than later. Lord Jesse agreed and persuaded Sir Oisin in the effect.

By late morning, the tiny house with its passive solar became extremely sweltering and miserable. So Oisin took the Prince to the ARC thrift store for some shopping, looking for treasures they could vend or make their lives improved. They found some great candle molds, clay for the Prince, and a toy tank. It was rough carrying the Prince though, especially with treasures, as the homeless abused the use of shopping carts at the store that they put anti-lock brakes on the wheels so the carts cannot be carted out of the store. That doesn’t help the disabled and burdened to get things to their car. Dad managed nonetheless. They also needed to get to King Soopers grocery store and pharmacy to get the Prince’s antibiotics that were prescribed to be taken twice a day … protection against any possible bacteria that could have entered the wound from the lake water.

Dad however misplaced the Prince’s medical insurance card, so had to go through a debacle to fill the prescription. He was on eternal hold with the insurance company just to discover that the Prince’s medical ID number was one digit away from his own. Cian kept wanting to get onto his feet and didn’t care much for dad toting him around. After grocery shopping and finally getting the prescription, the duo headed home and dad gave the Prince his medication. They then finished up the Panda Express leftovers from last night for lunch. The Prince continued to insist his foot was fine, walking on it even though dad kept telling him not to.

With the summer heat in the high 90’s, Sir Oisin decided they needed to seek shelter from the heat somewhere cool – water parks and swimming pools were out due to the need to keep the foot dry. So they opted for the movie theater … the Prince really wanted to see “A Quiet Place”. Sir Oisin having already seen it, and it being rated PG-13, knew it was fine for the Prince and wouldn’t be too scary. They headed over to Tinseltown and used their Movie Passes.

Dad feeling beaten down and tired, it was a nice break for him. Sir Oisin was a bit downtrodden that they would be missing the Northern Realms War. He was also frustrated with the part of life that every time he sees the light at the end of the tunnel something happens to make him lose his way. Between the car, the swim injury, and finances … the toll it’s taking on Sir Oisin is really rough. The Prince however was restless through the movie, even though extremely enjoying it, shifted a lot in the theater and made it known he requires a blanket for all movies. Dad added that to his arsenal of things to keep in the car. Dad was also glad he bought the open toe sandals for the Prince some time back, as it proved very useful and helpful with the open-toes and the stitched toe. Dad wrapped the Prince’s toe with gauze, pads, triple ointment, and tape several times during the day – letting the wound air out evenings as suggested.

Dad cancelled all deliveries for the day and spent the time with the Prince recovering. The Prince asked dad if he ever had stitches or cut his foot, and Sir Oisin remembered – yes … he did. In fact, the same foot, four stitches, around the same age as the Prince. It was however atop his foot, instead of the bottom. The synchronicity between father and son he pondered. When he was 5 ½ he was at a friend’s house in New York, laying flat on the floor listening to music with his friend, kicking his feet to the rhythm and accidentally kicking his friend’s aquarium. The Aquarium burst and fish with water flowed all over the floor. As came the glass that shredded his foot.

With popcorn, the Prince a chocolate shake, dad a Vanilla Bean frappacino, they duo had a great time. Prince Cian really enjoyed a “Quiet Place” and excitedly said “we saw that” pointing to the movie poster as they exited the theater. He said he wanted to live in that movie and fight the monster than attacks sound and can’t see. He said he could beat it because it was blind. He looked over the other movie posters and pointed at “Hereditary” saying he wanted to see that. Dad said, it’s probably too scary and too old for him. He then pointed at “Deadpool 2” and said he wanted to see that. Dad said “Definitely not until you’re an adult. It’s made for adults.” Cian was disappointed.

Afterwards, the Prince wanted to walk by the decorative pond with fountain by the hotels and Old Chicago just across from Tinseltown. So dad parked at the hotel and they walked amongst the very friendly and not scared Canadian geese around the sidewalk and side of the pond. Prince Cian found 3 perfect geese feathers he was going to make something magic with. He asked dad why the geese listened to him. Cian then proceeded to run down the slope to the pond’s shoreline, and dad told him to go very slow. Luckily he listened as he still couldn’t embrace the concept of keeping it easy on his foot. Then the Prince asked dad to go swimming in the pond. Dad said “no its decorative, its not for swimming.” The Prince said he wasn’t going to go, but dad should.
Afterwards they headed home and grilled up Bison burgers and fries for dinner. They hung out and played legos, watched a movie together, and read a book. It was an early evening for the both of them … that evening, A Quiet Place.

Mileage: 16 (no business mileage)


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