06.12.18: Ocean’s 8 Return to Delivery

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Colorado SpringsDenver, Colorado

Weather: Hot, clear skies with a high of 95 degrees, and a low of 60 degrees.

Sir Oisin got up first in the morning letting the Prince sleep. He awoke his usual time around 6:30 – 7:00 am, in order to get ready for their first shift of work. This will be their first time back to deliveries since Prince Cian wounded his foot. The Prince awoke at his usual time of 8 am, and instantly wanted to watch “Sponge Pants Bob” and Dad allowed. While the Prince watched one of his favorite show, Sir Oisin got some blogging done, made breakfast, did dishes, and put in a load of laundry. He made them a bowl of cereal with organic milk, cut up some fresh strawberries and pears, and served yogurt as well as orange juice for breakfast. Outside the birds chirping, bright hot sun, clear blue skies, and no wind awaited them.

Shift 1: Company 1: 9 am – 11 am:

Tuesday started out pretty busy with a morning with a first delivery instantly upon signing into the app. Usually at this hour they would be lucky to get one delivery request but often not a request until after 10 am, today there was one at 9:00 am to IHOP. The pickup and delivery went well even though they were running late. The Prince watched downloaded episodes of Sponge Pants Bob in the car. The Prince didn’t have to leave the car at all during the first delivery, resting his foot, as it was only a pop into the full glass windowed front door with pickup counter right there at the IHOP and then a delivery to a residential house where Dad only had to walk up to the front door to drop off the delivery. “Sweet” Sir Oisin thought. “This is easier than I expected.” They headed home for a break to play and blog. The Prince took his antibiotics and had another bowl of cereal while playing soldiers and his tank with Dad. Tuesdays are usually slow Sir Oisin thought, so this day may go better than expected. Then around 10:30 am they were called over to La Baquette in Old Colorado City. After drop-off, they pit stopped at the Safeway around the corner to grab some refreshments and snacks. They found the Han Solo fruit punch cans on sale for .49 cents each, so got four. The Prince was excited to have two R2D2 cans. They also got sliced watermelon and Simply Lemonade for snack.

Shift 2: Company 1: 11 am – 1 pm:

Flowing right into shift 2, Oisin and the Prince headed to Subway for a pickup. Their system was down so they cancelled the order around 11:20 am. It was a total waste of time and gas as the company wouldn’t compensate for it. This bothers Sir Oisin. Just before lunch they headed over to Red Robin and got their free fry cup with pickup. Afterwards they had quite a bit of a break to relax and decided to grab lunch at Fazoli’s getting spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and breadsticks. They dropped by a playground and had a picnic, played on the seesaw, slide, and kid’s play stuff. Dad constantly nagged the Prince to keep it easy on his foot, but the Prince felt great and said it didn’t hurt. The next pickup was from Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza just before 1 pm. They pulled into the alley this time with flashers rather than the median as is usual. Safer location with a child. The delivery was only a ½ mile away. At this rate they were averaging a delivery per hour.

Break: 1 pm – 2:30 pm

They had no shifts from 1 until 2:30 pm, and didn’t receive the next request until 3:15 pm. They went home and played together, cooled off, and dad did some video blogging. Dad and son played army tank and soldiers on his bed, watched Goosebumps, and dad changed the Prince’s bandages checking on the status of the stitches. It looked gross he thought, but scabbing up and healing well. That reminded dad he needed to call his doctor to schedule a date next week to take the stitches out. He also found a replacement festival for Northern Realms War, the Gathering of the Clans in Riodoso New Mexico. This way he’d be able to visit his old high school best friend Lady Toni. It all depends on the Princes foot and how the healing / stitches went.

Shift 3: Company 1: 2:30 – 4:30 pm:

They headed to IHOP around 3:15 for their first delivery in the shift back after break. Then it was quiet affording a lengthy break to play at the playground and sight see. They headed to another subway which again, had technology issues and couldn’t provide the order as they couldn’t log into their tablets after an update was released. So another wasted trip, time, and gas that Sir Oisin wouldn’t be compensated for by the company. This was at 4 pm.

Shift 4: Company 1: 4:30 – 6:30 pm:

At 4:30 the duo headed to Qdoba Mexican Eats for a pickup Then instantly after delivery raced over to Pho Brothers for another pickup . They had a 10 minute break between deliveries to grab some drinks from “Kum n’ Go”. Then over to Old Chicago for another pickup and quickly afterwards another pickup from Spiced Island Grill and shortly after right back to Pho Brothers. When they did the Spice Island Grill, it turned out to be to one of the Prince’s old classmates and they were excited to see one another again. The parents exchanged numbers and set up a play date. They then ran over to McDonalds after shift to grab a quick dinner – Dad a value menu bacon cheeseburger and the Prince the cheeseburger Happy meal with fries, apple slices, apple juice, and a toy.

They then drove over to Tinseltown to use their Movie Passes. It was dad’s turn to pick movies, so they went for the diamond heist film of Ocean’s 8/ (2018: PG-13). The Prince was a bit restless through the movie, but enjoyed the action.

They were home late and called it a night. They were both ready for bed. Exhausted.

Mileage: 86 Miles Business, 8 miles personal, Total: 94 miles


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