06.30.18: Zombies, a dragon, and severe hail damage

Saturday, 30 June 2018
Colorado Springs – Fountain, Colorado

Weather: high of 97 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 62 degrees, clear skies to overcast, hot with light windy moments.

Oisin was up by 7 am and let the Prince sleep in until 8:30 am. Oisin took a shower, caught up on laundry, and prepared for the day of deliveries. They had honey bunches of oats in organic milk for breakfast, topped off with orange juice and a cup of green tea.


They clocked in at 9 am ready for deliveries, and didn’t receive one until 9:30 am. They headed off to their first delivery at Jersey Mike’s Subs in southern Colorado Springs off Academy. It was a beautiful clear day, and already at 71 degrees Fahrenheit with some light wind. Not a bad morning Oisin thought. The delivery pickup and drop-off went well, and finished it around 10 am then were called to an IHOP way northeast out of town. Sir Oisin didn’t understand why the App sent him all that way wasting time and gas, wear n’ tear, when he passed at least 2 IHOPs along the way, then the customer drop-off was some distance too. It didn’t make any sense why they were sending him to the furthest away. He only hoped he had time to grab a drink along the way as it was hot, albeit just 75 degrees, as the Prince says “I’m sweatering” (sweating) … they both needed hydration. So they stopped at Kum n’ Go along the way and grabbed 2 large 40 oz drinks (powerade and lemonade)

After the delivery they had a lengthy little break between delivery calls. So Sir Oisin and the Prince stopped off at a playground to play. Dad pretended to be a zombie attacking the Prince who sought refuge on the playground equipment he called his ship armed with lasers and cameras. Dad imitated Elmo and the Cookie Monster who joined in on the fun. The Prince asked dad if Elmo could move into their house with them as he’s Cian’s best friend. Cookie Monster wanted to come too, but once Cian informed him there were no cookies, Cookie Monster was no longer interested. They also dropped by a garage sale along the way and found 3 large wooden ammo boxes (perfect for merchandise at the festivals) for $5 each, Oisin was psyched with excitement. The Prince wanted a pressure gauge (50 cents) so he could use it in building a spaceship.


The duo headed off to Firehouse Subs and did a quick pickup and drop-off even though it was so far out of the way. They dropped by another garage sale nearby but saw nothing they wanted, except Cian really wanted a Styrofoam heart in the pile. The garage sale people gave him for free, once in the car, he gave it to dad telling him he loved him. Dad loved hearing that. Then the Prince dove into his Minecraft on the Kindle and became entranced.

The next run was a pickup and drop-off from Pho-nomenal and as it was nearly 12, only had an hour to go of work in the morning. Then in an hour would have a 2-3 hour break. Not a bad morning, Oisin and Cian thought. Then finished that order and pretty much immediately was sent to the Asian Cookery with only a half-hour left for the morning shift.


They headed home for their break. On the way they saw a giant dragon guarding a mail box along the side of the road. They turned around to take a video view of it. They thought it was the coolest mailbox ever. They then had a nice 2 and a half hour break at home, getting some play time in together, cooked lunch, chilled out, and got jobs done. They had a very welcomed break – hanging at home, cleaning out the back of the ice, washing the ice chest, and saying goodbye to Lord Jesse as he embarked on his family journey for the next 10 days. They then drove over to Fazoli’s to have lunch together – Cian got the kids spaghetti and garlic bread, while dad got the Ravioli and Lasagna plate. The attractive waitress appeared to be flirting, was very helpful, and brought over beverages for the duo. They then walked next door to Starbucks to do some Chai n’ WiFi and awaiting the next shift’s orders.


They were called to action around 3:40 pm on a order from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Fountain. Just before that request, Oisin received a Burger King delivery that had no tip and too low value. Of course this counts against him, but in reality it wouldn’t cover his time and gas. He was glad to have gotten the delivery in Fountain from KFC as the customer was so excited that he was quick and prompt (unlike her last experience) she gave him a $10 cash tip (as well as the $5 one online). That de-stressed Oisin quickly. Cian observed it and asked if he gets any tips, and dad told him he does … every Friday combined with his allowance, as that is pay day.

They were called next to Qdoba Mexican Eats and sent back to delivering in Fountain. The skies above Colorado Springs were getting dark and stormy. Another summer stormy afternoon it appeared. They arrived at the Qdoba off South Academy near Fort Carson and did the pickup. The waiter gave Oisin a free fountain drink as a thank you. They drove back to Fountain and entered one of the neighborhood’s that suffered a massive baseball sized hail storm a couple weeks back. You could see massive dents in people’s cars, windshields smashed, certain sides of houses with holes in the walls from the hail, and smashed /boarded up house windows. It was unreal. The customer they delivered to said both of their cars were totaled. Oisin had friends whose cars had been damaged, he had no idea it was this bad.

It was in the 90’s and getting ready to storm. They were sent back to Qdoba off Academy for another pickup and drop-off, this time in the Springs.

SHIFT 4: COMPANY 1: 6 PM – 8 PM:

The duo had another 1/2 hour break between deliveries, so stopped at Starbucks to refresh themselves with a Chai Creme Frappacino they got free off their gold rewards card. The Prince wanted some lemon cake, so dad treated him. They got the next order at 6 pm – four orders in a row bundled on the same pickup from Red Robin. This was the first time this happened with Company 1 since Oisin worked with them, he was hoping he could deliver them all on time as that was the most he had to do in a single pickup – pretty insane and sending him to locations several miles apart. They clocked out at 8 pm and called it a day.

On the way home the Prince pleaded to go to Red Robin as he wanted one of their balloons and to try their burgers, so dad decided they deserved the treat and they headed on over there for dinner. The waitresses immediately recognized them and asked what the name on the order was – and Oisin said “no we’re clocked out for the day, we’re just grabbing dinner.” She said cool, hang on she’d clear off a table. While they were waiting the Prince drew on their chalk board set up for the kid’s.

The Prince was so excited, he had been wanting to go to Red Robins for a long time, probably because they do so many deliveries there. They received a free BBQ wings appetizer on their club card, Dad ordered the BBQ burger and fries while the Prince got the kid’s meal of a Cheeseburger with apple slices. They both had lemonade. They played unlimited games on the tablet for $1.99. It seemed affordable when ordering, but after tip it was still a costly meal. They played “Plants vs. Zombies” on the table tablet, the Prince was ecstatic and really enjoyed dinner and gaming. He considers himself a “Gamer” now he said.

On the way home they grabbed a Lego video from Redbox since they had a coupon to get the rental for 35 cents. They got home around 9:45 pm. At home they relaxed, cuddled, played with the Minecraft legos, read a story book and watched their Lego “Flash” movie. They both quickly passed out.

Mileage: 41.2 delivery miles / STRIDE TAX: 162.57 Miles Total.


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