06.29.18: Toy Friday

Friday, 29 June 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High of 96 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 65 degrees. overcast skies with periods of sun, light wind/breezes.

Exhausted and drained, Sir Oisin roused himself out of bed by 6:30 am, finishing up an episode of “The 100” – feeling pain from his arm being sore – wondering if he pulled a muscle from driving so much. It was his left harm. Outside the day was already bright by 7:00 am, with bright skies and a thin veneer of overcast clouds. It was supposed to be in the lower 90’s (Fahrenheit) today, and he would be doing deliveries with the Prince from 9 am to 1 pm, then again 3 pm to 7 pm finishing up an 8 hour day. The Prince awoke at 8 am, excited for the day, especially that it was Friday – allowance day (he gets $5/week as he’s 5 years old) and he gets some tips from the week and can go buy a toy of his choosing within budget. He really looks forward to Fridays.

The adventurers went and did their bathing for the morning, topped by Honey Oats cereal with organic milk and orange juice for breakfast. They clocked in around 9 am and didn’t get a delivery call until 10 am, having the minimum being paid for the first hour at home.

SHIFT 1: COMPANY ONE: 9 am – 11 am:

The first delivery was a pickup at Burger King around 10:05 am. Oisin was surprised this one actually gave a decent tip as its odd for clients to tip for fast food ones, although they should since food delivery is a luxury. Burger Kings seem not to prepare the food by the time estimated for pickup, they wait until the delivery driver arrives then they take longer preparing the meal than they do for someone standing in line. It’s ridiculous Sir Oisin thought. They don’t seem to realize that drivers don’t get paid to wait around. They don’t seem to care. He was even 10 minutes late for pickup and it still wasn’t ready. He had to wait another 10 minutes for them to neatly pack up the meal, put their special sticker to close it, and play with the app. Oisin really doesn’t want to accept any more Burger King deliveries. It really is very low-class delivery, he just doesn’t understand why they bother with it. It was a big frustration for him. They had a decent length break after delivery.

DELIVERY SHIFT 2: COMPANY 1: 11 am – 1 pm:

They took a pit stop at Starbucks to have a Chai Creme Frappacino to energize themselves. The Prince calls them “Chai Creme volcanoes”. The Prince watched instructional Minecraft videos to learn secrets at cracking the game he said, while dad got some blogs published like a review of his old school – Goddard High. He then got a massive call for over a hundred wings from Buffalo Wild Wings ordered for a company picnic. He arrived early and the waitress said it would take another 20-30 minutes since its such a big order. Oisin called the customer to give her the heads up, she of course was not happy as she said she called the restaurant to pre-warn them and give them heads up (which she believes they ignored).

Having to wait another 20-30 minutes, the adventurers walked next door to Chuckie Cheese for the pizza buffet as lunch. The Prince was so excited to be there, especially all the games, a “Sponge Pants Bob” game, but they didn’t really have time to play games. They thought they would return later that day. They only had a half hour left for their morning four hour shift. Oisin ran into another driver who had his daughter with him, they compared notes on deliveries with kids. A few drivers Oisin has met are doing the same thing as he is. That driver said his wife also does it with their other kid at the same time.

Off to Boston Market for the next order which Oisin suspected would be the last one for the morning shift. He figured during their afternoon break they would go to Target to get the Princes’ Friday allowance toy. Today was also Starbucks Happy Hour at 3 pm – Buy one get one free. Sir Oisin certainly had to take advantage of that. They completed the Boston Market Delivery around 1 pm, clocked out and took their two hour break. They headed home to make some smudge stick bundles and as the Prince played, Sir Oisin got some blogs done after playing with him for a bit. They made up a bundle of 10 smudge sticks of the silver sage from Roswell plus two that the Prince wanted to keep for himself. That was productivity.

SHIFT 3: COMPANY 1: 3 pm – 5 pm:

Oisin clocked back in at 3 pm after getting some blogs done, playing with Cian, and catching up with computer work. They got their first delivery call for the afteroon from La Baquette in Old Colorado City. Easy pickup and drop-off. The skies were getting more cloudy and overcast, developing a stronger breeze like a storm front might be coming through. The Temperature dropped a bit, still in the 90’s though. They took a break getting some Chai Creme Frappacino’s at Starbucks Happy Hour, then headed off to do a pickup/dropoff for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The customer was excellent, intentionally double tipped giving $4 on the app, and $4 in cash. They delivered to a sweet little old woman at a retirement home that was super nice. They had a bit of a break so raced to Target to do Toy Friday. Just as they were turning into the shopping center, they got a call for “On the Border” and had to go do that. That sucked for the Prince as he was getting excited for the Toy Friday. He instead took a nap. After delivering the On the Border order, they were able to race quickly to Target, and the Prince ran in with dad breaking in his new sneakers he got yesterday. Super fast the Prince picked out the toy he’s been wanting some time – a MineCraft Lego set so was very excited with that treasure. Dad gave the Prince some extra tip money so he could afford it.

SHIFT 4: COMPANY 1: 5 PM – 7 PM:

They had their next call to Red Robin and was gifted a free fries cup from the Waitress. It was a very pleasant treat they dove into and shared as a welcomed snack. They had two orders from Qdoba Mexican Eats. The first was a quick run. They received a humongous order at Qdoba, it took an extra 15 minutes for pickup, then a drive 10 miles to a fancy house. No tip. Really? Oisin thought? he wound up paying for the gas alone for that delivery coming out at a loss since he only gets 12-15 mpg. He doesn’t understand why some people don’t tip – after all, delivery is a luxury. If you don’t want to tip, go drive to the restaurant yourself and do take-out. Lazy pompous people who don’t tip. Certainly reflective of the fact that tipping started from racism and originally a way to show off that one is better than the servant. But now “not tipping” is that same very action since its expected and part of the service industry. Especially with delivery drivers because its not just their time and low wages, but cost of gas as well as wear and tear of their vehicle. Off to Jersy Mike’s Subs was the next pickup. Sir Oisin performed the delivery and got a decent tip. Then back to KFC where he got an ok tip. That should have been the last delivery for the day. Cian definitely was excited to go home to play with his Minecraft Legos. They were driving along Powers Blvd, and found it very hazy, smoky, with ash in the air. It was apparent wild fires were raging the area. The whole state of Colorado seems to be on fire these days.

The duo finished their delivery shift and headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries for dinner. They tried the free samples at the deli kiosk, they were baked beans, hot dogs, and bacon topped off with mango juice. The Prince was super impressed and wanted dad to make that for dinner tonight. So Dad picked up the ingredients. On the way hope they dropped by Redbox to rent “Sea Change” – a tale about mermen and mermaids, a very good story Sir Oisin thought. For dinner, dad made up the recipe from Trader Joes making the Hot Dog/Bacon Baked Beans, and Trader Joe’s BBQ Pork Ribs for Dinner. They drank some Trader Joes lemonade and called it a night. No calls from Lady Etain that night, just a message “running late so can’t talk today”, but the Prince didn’t notice. They read a bed time story and watched “Sea Change“. The Prince passed out during the movie, dad finished it and started to watch “Luke Cage: Season 2” during which he fell asleep. The night was hot and sweaty, even with the windows open, so definitely time to buy a fan Sir Oisin thought.

Mileage: 84.02 miles (21.27 delivery miles)


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