07.24.18: Bit Coins, No Tippers, Gamers, and Flood Warnings

Tuesday, 24 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Rainy with moments of sunshine, generally cloudy, overcast, with torrential rain and flood warnings. High of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 52.

Sir Oisin awoke around 6 am while the Prince slept in until just about 7:40 am. Dad got some blogging done, photos processed, and archiving much of the Tree Leaves’ Oracle site onto Technogypsie.com. The massive rain apocalypse yesterday sopped the ground wet and leaving clear blue skies with a couple spots of thick clouds. Oisin didn’t know if it would rain again today as appearance showed it warming up with no signs of rain clouds. Could the remnants of the monsoon storms have passed? Oisin clocked in with Company 5 at 8 am and pretty quickly got a delivery request for La Casita Mexican Grill. Oisin got the Prince dressed for the day, they grabbed a bowl of cereal (Toasty O’s) in organic milk downed with a glass of orange juice for breakfast. They drove down the street to La Casita Mexican Restaurant, stood in line, ordered the food, used the company card to order the food, then collected it. The customer wanted 10-12 mild salsas, so Oisin served them up in the to-go containers, giving him 12 of them.

They drove down towards South gate to deliver it to a regular in a nursing home who is obsessed with the salsa. The first thing he asked was “how many salsas did you bring me?” (no hello or how are you today) Oisin said “12”. The Prince saw his friend in a wheelchair, missing a leg, and asked “what happened to her leg?” The patient explained to the Prince “I had a bad infection, so they cut it off”. He looked at her with disbelief looking for confirmation with dad. Dad said sometimes infections get real bad and that is what happens. Cian then asked lots of questions about bugs, bacteria, and infections. It was just last night that they watched cartoons on Youtube about bugs, bacteria, infections, and the wars the body has on them with warfare between germs and blood cells – Dad could see the information sinking into the young Prince’s mind. The Prince currently has a little cold and learning what’s going on inside his body. It really started to fascinate him, and how to keep the bad bugs from getting into your body – washing hands, being careful where one touches, and keeping everything clean.

The second delivery of the morning was for Company 5 from Village Inn by the closed down Denny’s Restaurants (All Denny’s in Colorado Springs closed because the owner skipped town and didn’t pay tens of thousands in taxes to the city).

The delivery crew had an hour and a half break before the next set of deliveries with Company 1 so they hit the Cheyenne Meadows Starbucks for a Chai n’ WiFi break, grabbing their Chai Creme Frappacino fix and two venti waters. They got some Techno stuff done and logged in for their 9:30-1:30 shift, then would have a 3 hour lunch and play break, and then work 4 pm to 8 pm in the evening for their day’s activity plans.

Oisin contemplated about Bitcoins as he has a friend who is currently obsessed with them right now, suggesting he should invest in them. She believes they are the best investment in the world. Oisin just can’t see how it could be a good investment as it has no tangible assets backing it – no gold, no silver, no physical currency – the federal government doesn’t back it, its just 1s and 0s, digital assets that are data mined? digital bits. Oisin was curious how it really works so did some research. He still doesn’t get the hype, although in states like Colorado and Washington where the legalized recreational marijuana industry cannot use banks, it has helped them with commerce issues. It simply is a virtual company with no owners …

Bitcoins are a decentralized crypto-currency also known as digital cash without a central bank or single administrator. the electronic currency can be transferred peer-to-peer from user to user directly without need of intermediaries, although they are used in the process. Network nodes will verify transactions by means of cryptography and are recorded in a public distributed ledger they call a block chain. No one knows who created bitcoins, though it seems to be related to a group of individuals who call themselves Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 being released as an open-source software. Bitcoins were originally meant as a reward for data mining. The bitcoins can be exchanged for other goods and services, as well as world currencies. The University of Cambridge estimated in 2017 there were 2.9-5.8 million unique users possessing cryptocurrency wallets with the most common crypto-currency being bitcoin.

Bitcoins are commonly used in illegal markets and transactions. It has been criticized for high electricity consumption, price volatility, exchange thefts, and disruption of other markets. They are being scrutinized by the financial markets, and many regulatory agencies have issued alerts about the market. Some believe it was birthed from the “Denationalisation of Money: The Argument Refined” book by Friedrich von Hayek and influences from the Austrian school of economics. Satoshi Nakamoto stated in white papers that “the root problem with conventional currencies is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.” This led to the initial attraction of bitcoin being for philosophical or political ideology to become separate from the state. The concept is to remove money from social as well as governmental control – denying the reliance of money from social relations and trust. Bitcoin’s Declaration of Independence as found on YouTube states “Bitcoin is inherently anti-establishment, anti-system, and anti-state. Bitcoin undermines governments and disrupts institutions because bitcoin is fundamentally humanitarian.”

At 9 am they logged into Company 1 ready for work and got their first request around 9:30 am. They drove over to the Southgate IHOP running a pickup and drop-off. The pickup was a bit rough as they tore up several entrances to the Southgate shopping center making it really hard to get around. Oisin delivered to a guy who didn’t tip. Oisin felt crappy afterwards, used, and un-appreciated because of it. Oisin then drove to the Subway Sandwiches for a pickup and got a decent tip for that delivery. It was already 79 degrees, blue skies with some clouds, and almost 11 am. They had 2 and a half hours left of their morning shift. The Subway customers also tipped the Prince a small box of gourmet chocolates which he was ecstatic about.

As the delivery guys were back to doing deliveries, they drove to deliver through Cheyenne canyon and along the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain. Since the day was the aftermath of hail storms yesterday, there were still many cars covered with comforters and blankets trying to avoid window breakage. The hail in Colorado is notoriously destructive on roofs and windows. Smart idea Oisin thought, thinking he should put some padding in his car for such occasions. Rarely do hail storms hit at night, so with his luck a hail storm would hit while he’s driving deliveries during the day.

The Prince is getting really good at Minecraft now, digging for crystals, blowing up boxes of TNT in the ground, building forts, bases, and labs. He mastered driving cars in the game. Using something called Spawn seeds to create zombies. Dad was impressed at the learning curve and how this 5 year old mastered all this on his own, given Dad is not a gamer (thinks it is a waste of time and distraction from real life). But he realizes gaming does increase agility, intelligence, response timing, thought patterns, and dexterity – so that’s good. He will encourage his son’s hobbies even if its not something he wholeheartedly agrees with. He’s definitely more of a fan about the Prince playing the game rather than continuously watching you tube videos of teens narrating their play in the game, not being discretionary about language or topics, albeit that may have been where the Prince gained knowledge of how to play from Rob Lox and other Minecraft videos on Amazon Prime.

Oisin also contemplated about the recent loss of the Tree Leaves Oracle and his decision to let it die. The Treeleavesoracle.org hosting was due at the end of May and he didn’t get the notices about it, not that he had the money to renew it anyway. So it wet into a 30 day leinancy period, then a 60 day shut down, just like storage units at which point they hold your stuff hostage and kick you out. With the delivery work, Oisin hasn’t been online much, nor checking email properly, and therefore missed all the warnings. He came up with the $89 to renew hosting, but it was already too late. They said he’d have to pay $150 in addition to renew the domain (usually $10/year or free), which was way out of his budget. So he transferred the $89 to technogypsie.com coming due in August and decided to close the Tree Leaves Oracle. It was dying over the years anyhow, a decaying withering tree. So he decided to condense everything into technogypsie.com and Technogypsie Treasures, hopefully able to archive the data from treeleavesoracle.org (and .com, .net, and treeleaves.com through its lifetime) so as to recover some of the thousands of man hours he did since its inception.

Around 11 am, they headed over to Jersey Mike’s Subs did a quick pickup and drop-off. The Prince didn’t have to leave the car for the whole process, just playing his MineCraft keeping himself entertained. The trip was lengthy as the pickup was south Academy to almost in Fountain. They then headed back to Colorado Springs after drop-off leaving roughly an hour and a half left of their morning shift. It was up to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, a beautiful day, yet dark clouds gathering around the mountains, more signs that the monsoons were sending more wet weather this way, leading to possible rains this afternoon. Around noon, they hit Qdoba Mexican Eats and took it to a unique drop-off … Babes Expresso – the barista was top-less with her breasts body painted, with possible pasties. Cian heard dad say “pasties” on the video blog, and asked “what’s pasties?” to which dad explained “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” The Prince is ow at the point where he asks questions about everything, wanting answers to just about anything he sees, hears, and experiences or even dreams about.

Around 12:30 they headed to Spiced Island Grill for a quick pick-up and drop-off. Oisin built up anticipation of a let-down as the customer showed tip zero. 95% of the time if they don’t tip online, they don’t tip in person. She however was the exception and gave a decent cash tip – which when it is cash, is always appreciated. So his spirit was uplifted until the next order. Then around 1 pm, hit Uri Sushi for another fast pick-up. Both of these restaurants had the food ready to go. However, the cheap jerk from earlier who didn’t tip had another order to his apartment using his girlfriend’s account, and didn’t tip either, both being cheap jerks together. Especially ordering sushi, Oisin thought, if you can afford sushi, you should be able to afford to tip. Again, food delivery is a luxury … don’t order delivery if you can’t tip, go drive to the restaurant yourself to do take out. Disenchanted, they welcomingly logged out for the morning headed home to take their much needed 3.5 hour break.

This was day 2 of the flash flood warnings and the spin-offs from the monsoons starting to rain, pound thunder, and fire lightning for most of their 3 hour break. They signed back in around 4 pm not looking forward to doing deliveries in this kind of mess.

Their next pickup was at Kentucky Fried Chicken near Garden of the Gods. They got to drive by the monumental geological features albeit through pouring down rain. Once arrived at KFC, the staff informed Oisin that their tablet was broken and not loading up, so he called support and the tech guided the clerk how to fill the order. Always odd to hand a stranger one’s phone Sir Oisin thought, but he did drive all this way and didn’t want to have the delivery cancelled as it was a job. It wasn’t a good enough tip though for all the trouble he had to go through for that order.

After that, they drove through the rain showers to Billy Sims BBQ around 5:30 pm which had its own shenanigans with the drop-off. Oisin drove to the address, approached a screen door with two chairs backed up against it from the inside and upon ringing the door bell two large doberman dogs leaped, barked, and tried to bust through the screen. The homeowner came to quiet them down and as Oisin was unzipping the food bag to give him his order he said “I didn’t order anything”. The address matched but something was amiss. So he called tech support, since the customer wasn’t answering her phone, and they finally got through 15 minutes later. (Of course Oisin is missing money-making delivery opportunities waiting for this to be straightened out) They got through and gave a new address – the company claimed they would pay for the extra 4 mile drive (they didn’t) but upon arrival to the final destination, the customer was thankful and tipped an extra $5 cash to the tip which was appreciated.

Around 6 pm, they headed to Qdoba Mexican Eats off Powers for a pickup. They always lose signal with the app in this area which is frustrating as Oisin could miss a delivery request and then it would count against him. Plus hard to show the restaurant what order he was picking up, and finding the address to deliver to. Finally once driving on Powers, the signal came back. He’s not sure why this happens because his phone has signal. The rains had stopped and displayed overcast skies with still many clouds with threats of more storming on the way. It was 76 degrees and warming up as well.

Around 6:30 pm they headed to Uri Sushi and drove the drop off to the brand new SCP Hotel (Soul, Community, Planet) which artistically was intriguing to Oisin. He approached the hotel room on the app, and the woman in the window looked like she was ready to greet him, then the door next to her room opened up and the woman said “that’s for me!” Oisin said “are you sure? it says that room next to you.” The woman in that room had her door open and looked confused, then asked her “did you order sushi?” to which she said no as she accidentally locked herself out of her room. “I guess my driver is still on their way.” After the confusion, they all parted ways. On his drive out of the parking lot Oisin spied a food truck with intrigue, the Lobster Bliss Food Truck … he stopped to check out the menu … it was all lobster! He was ecstatic and quite hungry. The Prince didn’t want anything as he yet likes crab, other than to play with the shells. He ordered the Connecticut Lobster Roll and was in ecstasy, it was incredibly delicious and divine. Dad promised the Prince they’d drive through somewhere and grab him a burger.

They then headed to Romano’s Macaroni Grill being greeted by their favorite waitress who is always good to the Prince, giving him toys, cookies, and drinks. She informed them however that she was being replaced and only around for another week or so. She said not to worry as she informed the replacement to be good to him. He got a cookie from the waiter and they headed out to do the delivery. Another cheap wealthy customer who didn’t tip (lives in a mansion). Don’t they realize they are stealing from the driver’s by not tipping? Why do they expect drivers to risk their lives in traffic, bad weather, poor road conditions, and waste their personal money on gas to bring them food? that really is theft. Regardless of who is actually stealing, the delivery company or the customer. As is custom in America, it currently stands as the customer’s responsibility for that portion of the fee. Oisin just felt like the customer was a cheap dirt bag, especially since upon receiving the food sees Oisin being rained on at the door and says “Wow its raining, hope it doesn’t get bad out there for you.” (it already was, all day)

Then around 7:30 pm, they headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings for a pick-up and a drop-off back in Fountain. This time they were held up at the train tracks waiting on a large train to finish crossing. The customer was a garage “man cave” with guys watching a game together anxious for their wings. They tipped good so Oisin was happy. This was the last delivery for the day, and while Oisin didn’t make his personal $100/day quota, he did barely make the minimum with the company so he was at $10/hr (with tips included) so the company didn’t have to pay him out of pocket. More and more he felt this company is messing up and its less and less pay each day it seems. More and more it seems that Company 5 pays better as long as they have deliveries (they don’t pay a minimum rate per hour though). Company 5 is a bit more controlling with their ordering schemes though, so that’s irritating.

As they were driving back home from Fountain, it poured down rain with more expectations of flooding coming off the mountains. Just as they were about to log-out as the shift was ending, they got a final delivery offer from Red Robin. It was 8:07 pm, and they were to be off at 8:30 pm. This however helped make Oisin’s quota for the day, so that was good. But the Quota wasn’t achieved because of Company 1 alone, it was in combination with Company 5 early morning deliveries that made it possible. Before the recent screw-ups at Company 1 , he would have made personal quota with Company 1 alone, but now he needs to do work for two companies to make it. It still balanced out to $10/hr before gas, wear/tear, and expenses, so its not lucrative work. The Prince always loves Red Robin and went at it erasing and drawing on the chalk board in the waiting area while they waited for the pick-up. Red Robin now has shelves where they just leave the orders for the drivers as the waitresses/waiters seem frustrated to deal with delivery anymore (probably because they don’t get tips for that work and are under-paid as well). It was around 8:45 pm by the time the drop-off was completed.

Oisin and the Prince dropped by Wendy’s on the way home for dinner. The Prince got the 4 for 4 deal – a cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fries, and a lemonade. Both dad and son got vanilla frosties for dessert. The weary delivery guys got home after a day in the rain. Everything was sopping wet from the rain storms. Completely drenched. Oisin found that there was slight flooding/leakage into the tiny house – which is not good. Both of them were exhausted from the day’s adventure. They read a book and called it a night cuddling down to bed. After the Prince fell asleep, dad got up and watched the most recent episode of “The 100” but unfortunately fell asleep in the middle of it from exhaustion.

Mileage: 137 miles


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