07.25.18: No tippers, slow fast food, flash flood warnings, gamers, and struggles of a delivery guy

Wednesday, 25 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High of 90 degrees, low of 53 degrees; overcast to blue skies, with high wind moments, rains, and flood warnings with heavy rain and hail.

Oisin awoke around 7 am finishing watching “The Originals” and “The 100“. He was still very tired. The Prince awoke around 8 am. Oisin cancelled the one hour shift with Company 5 as they overslept the morning, too tired, overtired, and needing to clean the house especially with the flooding that leaked into the tiny house from the storms last night so that it wouldn’t mold the carpet.

He worked on cleaning the house, getting it organized, moved the carpet up, set down mold killer spray, and dried out the wood. In addition several hornet nests were outside the door in Lord Jesse’s grill so they had to move their BBQ roadster grill and kitchen stuff away from it so Lord Jesse could wage a war with the hornets. He was already stung once from the battles. Cian watched cartoons and played Minecraft. Dad made breakfast, left-over french toast, maple syrup, with hash browns and bacon for the Prince, and eggs-in-a-nest, hash browns, and bacon for himself. They both enjoyed fresh strawberries and orange juice.

Shift One: Company 1: 9 am – 11 am:

They logged into Company 1 at 9:00 am and got their first offer at East Coast Deli and Restaurant around 9:30. En route they dropped some orders for Zombie Decals off for their amazon order. It was already 80 degrees Fahrenheit with spotted over cast skies blanketed clear blue skies. Everything was still damp and wet from the rains yesterday, leftovers from the monsoons that sent a lot of wet weather this way this week.

As the team signaled to take a parking spot, they couldn’t quit pull in yet as the car in front of them was waiting for the light, then all of a sudden the car from Washington state backs up almost into Oisin. Oisin honks several times and the driver ignores it. He squeezes into the parking spot, ignoring that Oisin was signaling to take it. Oisin strongly losing faith in people. He turns at the light and parks at the loading zone where he keeps popping his tire – this time luckily no mishap.

Desperately in need of an energy boost, Oisin swung over to their house for some chai and internet fix. Unfortunately the hornets were swarming around the BBQ grill and their doorway as Lord Jesse had just attacked the hornets and they were extremely angry. So instead, Oisin and the Prince headed to Starbucks for a Chai n’ Wifi break. Oisin pondered that with their luck today, they’d likely get called out for a delivery as soon as they arrived or put in their Starbucks order.

The winds picked up through the day, higher wind power, so weather was an unknown factor this date. They got about a 20 minute break at Starbucks before getting another delivery request – and tried the Triple Mocha Frappacino instead of their usual chai, making it a Mocha n’ Wifi date. The Prince loved the new drink change. It gave them both a different kind of energy boost. They received a delivery request to Burger King, this customer actually tipping decently rather than the usual fast food no tipper type of run. The skies were turning blue yet still overcast cloud coverage, and some dark clouds off on the horizon looming over the mountains like a scene from Lord of the Rings. Oisin pondered the fact the winds were getting intense and what kind of weather to expect.

They arrived at Burger King, and there was another Company 1 driver and they reveled about “no tippers” sharing stories. He said on Monday 14 of their staff dropped their shifts during the Tornado warning and flash floods, (Oisin included) and that he had worked most of those shifts – many didn’t tip, probably because there were a lot of back or very delayed orders from the employee droppage, and how he was risking his life in that weather to bring them their $2 burger. He was working about 80 hours a week now doing this work which is what Oisin does when the Prince isn’t with him. It is really criminal that people take advantage of other people like this, as Delivery service is a luxury, if you can’t afford to tip, then go pick up the food yourself as take out. Take out in this culture is pretty much the only place tips are not expected or required in American culture since businesses are too cheap to properly pay their employees. Oisin also got into an argument with one of the Burger King employees about their slowness and timing. They had clicked “ready for pickup” earlier than the “pickup by” time and that means to the driver “meal is ready to be picked up”. He arrived at Burger King before pick up by time and still had to wait 15 minutes for them to prepare the meal. For some reason it takes them longer to do a delivery order than a drive-thru. Which for some reason, drivers can’t pick up in the drive thru. They claim that they are not allowed to prepare the food until the driver arrives that it is under agreement between the company and Burger King. They are fast food, they should be quick with their orders. That’s so wrong. Oisin like other drivers is prepared to block requests from their stores because of this, as this is stealing their time, income capability, and wait time. They are literally stealing wages from the drivers by doing this. Drivers are not paid around to wait for an order to be done. They are fast food and should be ready out the door. Really is beneath Company 1 to be doing deliveries of fast food restaurants like this. It drops their quality to the level of Company 3. Its insane. Oisin doesn’t understand how Red Robin can have the food on time but a low-class restaurant like Burger King can’t because “their fries have to be fresh” excuse they are using? Red Robin fries are higher quality than Burger King potato starch ones. Criminal.


Of course the next delivery would be a call back to Burger King, the same one where they had the argument. Both sides were quiet and they took their time to make the food, it took forever as usual, their doesn’t seem to be any solution to that. Luckily this person tipped decently as well too.

Next stop was Kentucky Fried Chicken – they arrived at the Centennial location and it was all ready to go. The clerk commented he didn’t know they carried 10 piece meals as the menu so denoted. It was a quick in and out. The customer was a Pagan with lots of “Witchy” stuff out in his yard. He also said to knock loudly on his door because he was probably gaming down in the basement. There was a big pentagram on the outside wall of his house and a sign saying “You say witches as if its a bad thing”. This got the Prince into chanting and singing.

The Prince informed his dad that he was a gamer. Dad questioned him on what he meant, because he plays MineCraft so much. Dad said he should limit the Prince on how much MineCraft and gaming he does, the Prince did not like that comment.

The next request was from Saigon Grill. He ran into another fellow delivery driver and they compared notes on how the app was screwing up lately and frustrations that all the drivers seem to be sharing with Company 1 at the moment how it is making them miss delivery requests that count against their standing. They really hope they get it fixed. Rates of pay haven’t been good lately, averaging the minimum guaranteed $10/hour with maybe a few cents more per hour added. They dropped it off to a customer in an office building who had a very grumpy co-worker who didn’t seem pleased that they were there. The Prince and his Dad played Darth Vader game where Dad pretended to be Darth Vader. They also played the song “Daddy Finger, Mommy Finger, Brother Finger, Sister Finger” children’s chant.

The final call for the shift was from Bird Dog BBQ which was a quick in-and-out pickup and delivery. It was a bit of a commute back to the house, but they got home in due time for their 3 hour lunch break. Dad made burgers on the grill, they played in the kiddie pool, legos, tanks and soldiers. The kids were home as well with Lord Jesse. So the Prince got play time in with the kids. They received more flash flood warnings around 4 pm, so Oisin concerned for driving safety cancelled work from 4-6 hoping it would clear up for his 6-8 shift. It didn’t, more downpours and rain. The Prince got in trouble for spraying the dogs with the hose, so he was confined to a nap. He took his nap for a long sleep, so Dad cancelled 6-8 pm shift as he wanted the Prince to rest and it was still raining with Flash Flooding warnings still in effect.

That evening the Prince continued to play with the kids. They played with blocks in the kids room and the Prince accidentally tripped over Prince Kian’s (bigger Kian) blocks and knocked over his race track. The Prince went to apologize to the bigger Prince who said “It’s Ok, we can fix it” and they went into the playroom and built a better race track.

Oisin spent the time closing down Tree Leaves Oracle online. Having lost the domain name is a killer to that business and its time to let the withering tree return to the Earth. He condensed and transferred many of the files from Tree Leaves Oracle to Technogypsie Treasures. He just hopes he can save the thousands of man hours he spent over the last 20 years building the web site in some regard. It’s a sad transition, but a requirement, as Oisin needs to simplify his life, condense things, make sacrifices where they need to be. He made Trader Joe’s BBQ Rib bits and Ramen noodle soup for their dinner. Did some house cleaning, organizing, and pondered the future. His mind was heavy with contemplations about life, where he wants to be, what he wants to be doing, ad getting things organized in his life.

He and the Prince played the Candyland game, read a book, and watched a movie before bed to the background sounds of rain falling. No calls from the Princes’ mom since Monday, so they wondered what was going on. They cuddled to sleep and passed out quickly.

Mileage: Stride Tax – deduction $30.48, 10 hours, 13 min, 55.93 miles


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