07.27.18: Zombie Nerf Gun, JumpFest, Stephen King, Storms, and Movie Pass

Friday, 27 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Mid-70’s as the high, low of 40’s. Overcast with moments of blue skies, torrential rain, and threatening storm dangers.

Already Friday, Oisin thinking Thank Goddess it’s Friday. With overcast skies and the light warming up from a damp cool evening after rain storms, low 60 degrees awaited the duo as they awoke. They were exhausted with lots of energy drain looming over their being. Oisin was supposed to do the Company 5 shift from 8 am to 9 am, but he was too groggy and the Prince was still sleeping, so he decided to cancel the shift. With Company 5 there is no minimum guarantee, so its a drop or keep level of scheduling. The grind was getting to him and Oisin was very worn out – desperately dire in need of a change, although the Prince didn’t think he needed one. Oisin feels a need for some exciting adventures, wanderlust setting in, wanting to go camping, or take a trip. The Prince said that would be fun, just don’t change your beard Dad he said. The Prince was up by 8 am giving dad lots of love and cuddles, then diving into his Minecraft adventure. Oisin was intrigued with how this 5 year old has completely taught himself the game with no help from dad whatsoever. Then the Prince gave dad lots of karate chops as they wrestled in bed.


Oisin received a delivery from GrubHub sending him two new black t-shirts, “delivery in progress” signs, stickers for the window, a catering bag, and a large well insulated new delivery bag. As he has completed over a 1000 deliveries so far with the company, it was a nice thank you of sorts. GrubHub is the only one that does this – all the other companies send a flimsy thermal bag and/or a plastic credit card for payments in progress, which was mainly DoorDash and Postmates. UberEats doesn’t send anything. The delivery came at a good time as Oisin was low in laundry and the shirts were very welcome. Oisin signed in at 9 am with Company 5 and Company 1 looking for delivery offers. He received one from Company One, so turned off Company Five and headed off to Blank Canvas Cafe for the first order of the day picking up at 9:50 am. (9:27 AM, Blank Canvas Cafe, delivery 3.00, mileage .98, tip 2.92, total: 6.90) He spent the first hour of the morning at home. By the time of the delivery it was 66 degrees Fahrenheit with potential for more monsoon remnant storms on the horizon.

The first delivery from Blank Canvas Cafe was a breakfast sandwich and mocha. The customer was very appreciative which was nice to hear as earlier this week, Oisin has had some characters with poor behavior, bad tipping, and some lousy individuals. So that made him feel better. It has been a rough week. After that delivery, they seemed to have a break as no deliveries came in through the application. So they headed home to their tiny house and the Prince played with Princess Aine and Princes Xavier, Theron, and Kian. On the way they swung by a garage sale where Cian finally got his long awaited and wanted zombie Nerf gun for only $5. Dad told him that he would get him the foam bullets on Amazon. The Prince was ecstatic. Oisin also found the “Herbs and Things Herbal” book for a dollar, and a two dollar magic collection set so that the Prince could get started on close-up magic. This made Oisin’s day for much bounty from the gear he received and the treasures found at the garage sale. By the time they got home it was already 69 degrees and climbing at 10:15 am. Cian was excited to show his find to the kids, they played together, and pretended emergency zombie attacks with the Prince playing dead. They had a nice 45 minute break at the house, gaining another 15-20 minutes than their original 30 minute break.


Around 11:30 AM they went to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for the pickup. The temperature was getting warmer yet the skies were still overcast and hazy, but it felt hot out. The car gauge said 68 degrees although it felt hotter than that. The Prince wanted to use the rest of his allowance on buying two more Minecraft Worlds – “Castles and Dragons” and “Pirate Skull Island”. He was ecstatic and enthralled with those. He also was so excited about his Zombie Nerf gun. He has been so good this week, so got his five dollar allowance and an additional five bucks for his share of tips in the week. The Pizza delivery went well, but Oisin had to take a detour down Pikes Peak as Tejon was too crowded. The delivery was less than a mile from their house. The customer was very nice. So today was very pleasant for the crew. They were able to go home for a break afterwards.

Around noon they drove to Subway Sandwiches for a pickup and the delivery went smoothly. Afterwards they headed to the Coffee Exchange for another pickup. In the middle of the delivery, Oisin listened to NPR covering a 2000 interview with Stephen King about the van that hit him and nearly killed him, a country bumpkin who had lots of traffic violations through his history, even though he tried to reassure King all he had was a parking ticket. Stephen King was in critical condition. Oisin hadn’t heard of the accident before which surprised him because Stephen King was one of his favorite authors during childhood, loving his movies and his books, though hadn’t read any of them for a long time. It was an interesting interview to see his reflections on his own accident, that King and his wife bought the van that hit him and had it pulverized to a small cube after the guy died at age 43, a year later, on Stephen King’s birthday, that was interesting Sir Oisin thought.

On the way to East Coast Deli and Restaurant they stopped at the downtown park to see a competition run at “Jump Fest“. The Prince was getting hungry and probably wanted festival food since he thought he was at one of those kind of events. This event didn’t have any food vendors. The competitor took first place and was pretty good. They only had 12 minutes to watch the event then drove down the street to East Coast and did their pickup. They both enjoyed the entertainment during their break. The East Coast delivery would be the last one for the morning shift. Around the point of delivery, they spied the Rites of Spring Statue of the Ibis/Crane off Cascade avenue near Colorado College. They then headed home for their 3 and a half hour break, making lunch, and the Prince getting to play with the kids. Dad got some of his blogs done, took a shower, and did dishes. Cian played zombie nerf gun with the kids as well as playing with various toys, wearing nerdy glasses, fighting zombies, and dad ordered him bullets for his gun that will arrive on Monday.


Around 5 pm they headed to The Bench for a pickup and after drop off got a really good tip, not a bad location, and gave enough time for a 15 minute break before the next delivery. They dropped by Loaf n Jug, grabbed a lemonade ICEE for dad, a Blue Raspberry ICEE for the Prince so they were very refreshed. The clouds got dark, rain came off the mountains, and a massive rain storm hit. There were tornado warnings, flash flood warnings for Northeast Colorado. They were not sure what was happening in their area though.

Just before 6 pm, they hit Hacienda Villereal then off by 6:30 pm to Old Chicago. On the way to delivering it started raining heavy for the next couple of hours. They then drove to La Caretta for a double-delivery all of whom were paying decent tips as well. During the drive, Oisin heard a NPR report about Movie Pass running out of money with various box offices turning away customers for movies. They apparently didn’t have enough to pay for the movies, but 24 hours later got it fixed as they took out a multi-million dollar loan. Their stocks were split from .08 cents a share now up to $16.00 a share. This reminded him about Bitcoin as well which he was researching for his friend Lady Allison who said it was a good investment.


They started the final shift for the day in blinding pouring down rain. They headed to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for another pickup just before 8 pm. The waitress there told Oisin a story about one of the delivery guys she accidentally gave a half-eaten pizza to that she and other staff were nibbling on as an unclaimed pizza, but luckily called him before he actually dropped it off. He turned around and got the right pizza. This could have been a big issue. Luckily Oisin was out the door with a fresh out-of-the-oven pizza though the worry some story was atop his mind.

The final delivery for the evening was Old Chicago which went quick. Dad and the Prince sang songs and called it a night. They were hungry for dinner, originally intending on stopping at Boston Market for wholesome food. Unfortunately Boston Market sold out of chicken so they headed next door to Captain D’s Seafood. Dad got the seafood platter and the Prince the chicken tenders kid’s meal as he was set on chicken not willing to eat anything else. At least they got macaroni and cheese so the Prince finally got some variety. They treated themselves to chocolate cake and dad a key lime pie slice. They then drove home but didn’t get there until 9:45 pm. Everyone was gone so Oisin thought they were probably at a movie, but apparently big Kian had gotten a head injury playing so they had rushed to the hospital. Oisin and the Prince called it a night, watched some cartoons, cuddled, and went to bed. Even dad passed out early as he was very exhausted.

Mileage: 85 miles


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