07.30.18: Manic Monday, A Look, Gone Fishin’, Playgrounds

Monday, 30 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: high of 80 degrees, low of 60 degrees. Sunny and overcast, with torrential rain storms intermittent through the day

Oisin awoke at 4 am to get some of his work completed while the Prince lie asleep. He worked on processing photos, blogs, and the Tree Leaves Oracle web site transition to Technogypsie Productions. He watched “Swiss Army Man”, a twisted comedy and fell back asleep around 6 am and awoke at 7 am. The Prince arose around 7:30 am and they got ready for their 8 am “Look”. They drove to auto city and hit one of the dealerships, found their way back into the maintenance shop and asked for their representative. She was found but had no idea she was assigned to the case. It took them 20 minutes to find the car, which they thought was in their lot, but turned out to be in the shop. It had minor damage to the passenger right front wheel so Oisin took photos for the insurance company and did a VIN verification check on the car. They uploaded the photos to the insurance company and closed the case. These “looks” usually take 15 minutes equating to a quick $20 fee, but this one took an hour and was the longest one Oisin ever had to do, mainly delayed because the auto yard hadn’t proper documentation on the vehicle. It had tricky photo spots crunched into an auto repair bay. Oisin had to move a stack of tires as well to take pictures of the front of the car. Because of how long it took, Oisin had to cancel the hour shift he had overlapped for Company 5 but this still paid better than he would have received from the delivery companies. After completion, he logged in with Company 1 and they swung into a McDonalds for a quick breakfast to go as it was too late to go back to their house or do a real restaurant. They did however have enough time to swing by their tiny home to eat, having a little picnic in the yard, not sitting on the play rug as it was still sopping wet from all the rain as well as the lounge chair. Dad checked on the hornets – it was apparent they were not all killed and were trying to build more nests in Lord Jesse’s grill. Skies were clear blue and a high in the 70’s building its way to the 80’s.


The first delivery of the morning was around 9:10 am at East Coast Deli and Restaurant. Oisin was exhausted so he was thinking he probably shouldn’t have gotten up at 4 and staying up to 6 am, just sleep through. He had also done a Rockstar recovery drink and it turned his stomach, so he’s not sure what to do with finding a means of energy to keep up with his work, writing, and life pursuits. There is simply not enough time in a day. He can’t drink energy drinks anymore, and now a month out with no more soda pop, he’s on track with a somewhat healthier existence. After the delivery they had a lengthy break so decided to swing by Memorial Park and play on the eastern shore playground. There were chimes in the background. The Prince immediately recognized the lake where he had hurt his foot swimming earlier this summer. He scrambled for the jungle gym and playground equipment, climbing up and down. He met an 7 year old girl who wanted to play with him and they played chase around the playground.

Cian found a worm in the playground and wanted to fish, so they grabbed his fishing pole from the car and went down to the east shore to try their hand at it. No bites at all. So they played in the sand until it was time for the next delivery. They saw minnows along the shoreline and a big fish jumping out in the lake, but none were interested in the worm. They had a nice 30-40 minute break before being called out on another delivery. They tried to call Cian’s mom but no answer. It has been over a week since they’ve talked. Stormy clouds gathered over the mountains again, everything so green from the monsoon season. It’s amazing Oisin thought how green it gets here with just a bit of rain. They received the next delivery request back to East Coast Deli. After the delivery they headed home, made home-made Chai Creme Frappacino’s, and played with Cian’s Zombie Nerf Gun. His shipment of 200 foam bullets arrived from Amazon. While getting ice Oisin had an inkling of luck sensation so decided to buy three $1 lottery tickets. The third one won him $50. He was ecstatic.

The duo had a great three hour break doing lunch, playing Nerf guns, and trying phone tag with the Prince’s mom. Still out of touch. She did email and say the earliest she could pick up the Prince was between August 16th and 19th – that gave Oisin time to plan out his work schedule and figure out the fall. That also revealed that the Prince would be coming to Dragon Fest with him as well. Oisin offered Lady Etain to get the Prince’s medical checkups for school to be done, but she never replied back with a yes or no. So he didn’t schedule anything. Oisin breathed a sigh of relief knowing now that he could “sort of” plan out end of summer and early Fall plans. Oisin finished up July 24th and 25th blogs and video journals, posted images, photos on Flickr and his photography site. He was happy to make progress with that. They cooked up some fried chicken for lunch. Even though “chicken” is the Prince’s favorite go-to food, Oisin felt they were eating too much of it lately and needs to back away from it. He cleaned up the house, Lego table, and they clocked back in for their 2 pm shift.

Prince Cian taking a fishing break between deliveries at Prospect Lake.


The first call for delivery was around 2 pm to Old Chicago. It was a good paying one with a great tip. Oisin was relieved. The skies were darkening, more rains and storms on the horizon as they set off on their daily grind. They had to deliver the order in Fountain. It was long enough drive that the Prince fell asleep and got a good half hour nap in. As they returned to the Springs they had some lag between deliveries so pulled in outside Starbucks for Oisin to get some work done while the Prince continued to sleep. The break didn’t last long, just as he finally got the laptop to power up – he received multiple orders for Qdoba Mexican Eats – the first of which was already a half hour late when they assigned it to him. He gathered that because of the weather, they must have been lacking staff again. The pickup and deliveries went smoothly. The Qdoba orders went fine with no problems. No griping customers for the late orders so Oisin pondered if support had kept the customer in the know of the delays. Perhaps the previous driver had auto issues, heaven knows Oisin has had those and perhaps its karma back at him for when he had to drop out of the delivery route for car issues the last couple months. After those deliveries they were called to Red Robin for a pickup/dropoff. Oisin heard on the news that off Ruxton Avenue in Manitou Springs there was a sinkhole that has the road cut off. This happened on the 24th and apparently swallowed two cars and a fire truck.

Homemade Chai Frappacinos and playing with the Zombie Nerf guns.

SHIFT THREE: ONE: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Just before 5 pm, Oisin went to Qdoba for a pickup off South Academy. As he pulled into the parking lot he observed a mother yelling at her son and calling him an idiot. Who does that he pondered? you can scar a child for life by saying such things. It just angered him with disgust. Not cool.

He was then off to Red Robin for another pickup/delivery. They had a break afterwards with enough time to go grab ice cream, hot dog buns, and something to drink from King Soopers.


They were then called off to IHOP which was delivered close to their home. They then took another stop-off break at their house, dropping off the pie and chocolate milk, ice cream, and other groceries from King Soopers. They then had an order from Pho Brothers to pickup and deliver. They were called right back to Pho Brothers again for another delivery. They logged out at 8 pm and headed home. They made Mac n’ Cheese for dinner, cuddled, read a book, played, had another nerf gun war, a spit ball battle with their Starbucks straws, and then came in settling down for the night. They watched cartoons and called it a night. They had pie and cake for dessert. After the Prince fell asleep, Oisin finished watching Captain Fantastic.

Mileage: 39 miles

Winning $50 on scratch n’ win.

Homemade Chai Frappacinos and playing with the Zombie Nerf guns.

Winning $50 on scratch n’ win.


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