08.01.18: Deliveries, starbucks, no tippers, farmers market, and a witch

Wednesday, 1 August 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High in the 80’s and low in the 60’s Fahrenheit. Sunny to Overcast to Rain Storms.

In the middle of the morning around 4 am, Oisin was startled awake with Shoka and McKenzie barking defensively. Oisin wandered out into the yard to discover two raccoons atop the gateway to the yard. He took pictures of them and shoo’ed them away much to their hissing and growling as they wanted the dog’s food on the porch. No luck this time Oisin told them. He went back to sleep. Prince Cian and Sir Oisin awoke exhausted around 8:30 am, oversleeping and crawling out of bed to get ready for their day of deliveries.

They heated up the left-overs for breakfast and got ready for work. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and a translucent haze and some overcast clouds. It was going to be a hot day Oisin expected. Oisin and the Prince had a tickle fest and wrestling match. The Prince declared he was the world’s greatest scientist. The Prince grabbed his Thor doll ad carried it around in play for most the morning. At 9:00 am they clocked into their app ready for deliveries.


The first call of the morning was around 9:30 am to IHOP. They went to pickup the food and delivered it without any instances. It was a poor tipper however. Afterwards they had a sizable break so they decided to stop off at Starbucks for Chai n’ WiFi. The skies began blending the white into the blue sky creating a haze. The Prince watched cartoons while dad worked on blogs. The Prince eventually migrated to Minecraft.

Break at Starbucks


The Prince and his Dad had a really good 3.5 hour break. After Starbucks they clocked into Company 6 and tried to wait for some offers, none came in for an hour so Oisin called it quits. They drove home and played nerf gun wars in the yard. Afterwards the Prince got a call from his mom and they caught up. He showed her his fancy dance moves and slipped on a shelf he wasn’t supposed to take out of the tiny house. He was okay, but he scratched open the bug bite on his arm he was picking at and it started bleeding again. Dad put aloe Vera and band-aids on him. They heated up the leftovers and made chicken tenders with french fries courtesy of the cancelled order last night. The kids arrived home and Cian played with them doing Nerf wars, legos, and blocks. Dad watched the “Dark Tourist” series on Netflix loving it, watching episodes 1-6 ending with South Africa. He processed photos from July 25-31st, then the video journals for July 25-26.

As it got later, the skies darkened even deeper with billowy dark clouds potentially throwing more Monsoon weather at them. He received a request for “The Bench” shortly after logging in for the afternoon shift. He was to work 4:30 to 6:30 pm then have a half hour dinner break from 7 to 9 pm. The delivery went well, he approached the apartment complex and found a locked door. The customer said to call her when arrive so she could buzz him in … but he called and she didn’t answer. She was on a phone with a friend. Luckily there was another tenant across the parking lot walking his dog and he yelled across the green the code without being asked so Oisin and the Prince could enter the building. That was nice Oisin thought. Though not very secure.

Afterwards they got called to Oisin’s favorite restaurant in town (insert deep sarcasm here) – the South Nevada Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is the worst restaurant in town – super slow, lazy staff, always out of stuff, and long waits. Well the South Nevada Burger King might be worse. The drop off was an series of town homes outside of Quail Lake. Contrary to the serene setting of the lake and although the yard had bunnies hopping around in it, the stairwell was disgusting with an overwhelming chemical smell like someone poured high concentration laundry detergent down the stairwell. It gave Oisin a headache.

Then Oisin headed off to Red Robin (one of his favorite delivery pickup locations) for a request. Red Robin’s wait staff apparently got frustrated with delivery drivers (rightfully so they don’t get tips for these deliveries and they are busy as is) so created a large shelving unit with bay shelves they put the orders in with the customer names for the drivers to find their order and take. Not very secure, but efficient. Unfortunately this Red Robin specifically rarely gives the free cup of fries to delivery drivers which others do. That’s sad because its a nice warm boost for the driver. Oisin and the Prince took a restroom break there and the Prince grabbed his favorite Red Robin balloon on the way out. He also played with the chalk board for a bit while Dad sorted out the orders. They traveled to downtown to drop off the order.

This time it was to a little old cottage near Colorado College. A little Witchy house with a Witch for a resident. The front dotted with pentagrams and other arcane symbols, Oisin knew right away kin folk. She’s dressed in black and a pentacle around her neck quickly greets him with a “We must have a psychic connection as i knew you were pulling up” catch line. It was fun.

The duo had a break in between deliveries hoping they would not be zapped for another pickup during their scheduled dinner break. Oisin pondered about stopping at the Farmer’s market in front of the Pioneer Museum. They did have time to do that so they wandered around the booths and saw some delicious fresh grown vegetables. There were some handcrafts too. The Prince pleaded Dad to buy him something, but times are tight and its not Friday (The Prince’s allowance day). The Prince approached the Pyramid outside the museum and pointed to the arcane symbology asking Dad what it said, to read the tale presented forth. Dad assumed it was telling of the agricultural tales of Colorado Springs and made up a story for the Prince. He was pleased. The stones below were memorial stones for early Colorado Springs pioneers he gathered.

Around 6 pm they were called to Subway Sandwiches for a quick pickup and delivery. It was dropped off less than a mile to the restaurant in a cute little hacienda as part of a themed community.

They had their half hour scheduled break for dinner. They raced home to heat up some of the cancelled food from the night before and had a picnic dinner out on their patio. They heated up the chicken tenders with fries platters. It was yummy and much needed. The Prince got a chance to play with Aine and Dad caught up with blogs. The next shift started at 7 pm, so Oisin clocked in and awaited orders.


The skies were darkening again with storm clouds billowing over the mountains. They received the next order for a 7:30 pm pickup from Qdoba Mexican Eats southgate.

Oisin then got called for a delivery pickup from the really crappy Burger King on South Nevada. This was a no tipper as well. In addition to the 4 miles to the restaurant he had to drive 10 miles to Fountain (and 10 miles back). The $5.65 delivery fee he was paid to cover expenses and wages wasn’t enough to cover gas there and back given his Explorer has an oil leak and mileage is between 10-15 miles per gallon with gas prices today being nearly $3 a gallon one can do the math. It really outraged Oisin – his time and wear/tear on the vehicle is worth more than that. This is actually criminal as well as crappy. He hoped that perhaps this would be a kind and understanding customer realizing that their driver was driving so far from one city to another to bring them food from a crappy restaurant they’d tip in cash since they didn’t on the app. But no, a self-serving lazy individual who’d rather take advantage of the system and not compensate their driver for their time and wear. Such individuals should get off their lazy asses and go get their own food. Delivery is a luxury and requires the costs associated with it.

Then Oisin got a triple order from Kentucky Fried Chicken – hoping that would be decent. It was okay. They headed to the KC and picked up the three orders, one was really far away – 8 miles away from home off Powers and they all took long enough to zap the rest of the time for delivering. Afterwards they headed home for the day.

On the way home they stopped at Kum n’ Go for drinks. The Prince got the Cookies n’ Cream milkshake which he loved and coveted, only giving dad one bite. Dad got a large lemonade. They arrived home around 9:30 pm to find an empty house as they had gone out for pizza. They arrived back shortly after the duo arrived so the kids all got a chance to play with one another. They had a remote control car with light up headlights/tail lights so they went across the street to run it along the sidewalk as a team exploring the dynamics of the technology. The Prince was fascinated. The Prince quickly fell asleep afterwards. Dad tried to watch a British Comedy but passed out during it from exhaustion.

Mileage: 75 miles

A view of this day in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.


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