01.01.19: Snowfall, Deliveries, and the New Year

Tuesday, 1 January 2019
Denver, Colorado

Chronicle 27: Rebirth of a Bard/Ovate; Chronicle 29: Return to the Shovel Bum Life; Chronicle 30: Life in the Mile High

Weather: 7 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny blue skies light overcast and freezing.

Early to rise, Sir Oisin and the Prince awoke late. The Prince was sweet cuddling up to his dad saying “Good Morning” evolving into a tickle battle. Dad looked at the Delivery app and discovered they were paying an extra $4 per delivery until 10 am, so he rush got the Prince and he ready, grabbed a quick shower, and they were out the door. The roads were covered with ice and snow. Oisin was hesitant, but decided it was needed. They were dirt broke and need to raise funds immediately, especially since the car has to be registered by tomorrow as the temporary travel permit expires then. After reading a new article online that it actually is NOT healthy for your car to let it idle and warm up, he didn’t give it much time and headed onto the roads. The first delivery was with Denny’s down the road.

The pickup and drop off for Denny’s went smooth, the roads were only icy on the residential streets, the main roads were relatively clear. After the Denny’s order, they logged off and headed back to the house for breakfast. In addition, Oisin forgot his phone’s power cord. They made cheerios for breakfast, made up some Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch, logged back in and hit the road again. Bonuses were not so hot at the moment, but in the end tally the company did add more before cash out. So it was to be a good day. Oisin selected the 10:30 am to 2:30 pm block.

The first stop was Chipotle, and as he drove up to it – immediately obvious it was not yet open. They had a “closed: Late opening due to weather” sign in the window. Oisin contacted tech support, notified them of the closure, order got cancelled, and he got $4.50 of the $9 delivery fee for showing up. The next run was Wal-Mart grocery delivery pickup. It was a bit of a distance, but the lady was nice and apparently tipped well according to the App end result.

Next stop was King Wok. Slow and empty, the order was ready to go. Oisin drove to the drop off location which was just the street address – it however was a large apartment complex. The customer failed to list a building nor apartment number. He tried calling them a few times, no answer, and left a message on the voice mail. He contacted tech support, they said wait 10 minutes, and he waited 15. Delivery guys don’t get paid by the hour, they get paid by the delivery. Sitting in a cold car waiting for the customer to call is quite miserable. So once the timer cleared it for an unsuccessful delivery, he was instructed to dispose of the food and move on. They got a double order command for Red Robin then Chipotle. The App sent them first to Red Robin, picked up the food, then on to Chipotle to pick up that order. Then he was instructed to deliver the Red Robin Order, and then the Chipotle. The Prince kept asking if they could eat the abandoned food. Finally the customer started ringing but it was too late, the order was now cancelled. The customer got passive-aggressive from nice to obscene, with their final text of “Enjoy the food cocksucker”. Oisin pondered “what does the customer expect? take a loss and drive back to deliver it, harming ratings, making other orders very late, and pissing off other customers. Its pretty crazy what people expect.”

They then headed to Buffalo Wild wings for the next pickup. They went ahead and dined on the abandoned order. Onwards to Wendy’s then a double-order from Tokyo Joes and Outback Steakhouse. They then had another grocery order from Wal-mart. It was a very busy day. They then had another double order – Applebees and a Noodles & Co. Oisin chatted with another fellow delivery driver. She had only been working for the company for 3 weeks and loved it. She stated they were paying high rates today, but according to Oisin’s app, it wasn’t. But apparently they did as the pay-out was higher than expected. He was on to another double-order this time both from Red Robin. Those deliveries went smooth and the Prince was tired, starting to nap, so Oisin called it a day. With the bonuses, he hit his goal and should have just enough to register the car tomorrow. They went back to the house, dined on the left-overs from King Wok – Shrimp/Beef lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, rice, and crab ragoons. It was yummy.

They missed calls from Cian’s mom, played phone tag, and never got through. She’s travelling around Ireland so connectivity must not be that great. The Prince played with Ash and Aiyana, took breaks and played RobLox and thenn military figure soldiers with dad. He was quite excited with his tank and soldiers. Ash and Cian got a little rowdy playing zombie then playdoh, Brandon told them to settle down. Oisin had left-overs with Allison and Brandon finishing up the bag. Cian and Dad watched PJ Mask with Allison and Ash, then retired downstairs working on processing photos, blogs, and rest.

Oisin reflected on 2018 and how it was a year of losses – the finalization of the divorce, changes with custody, the Prince with him for pre-school and then starting a new school with his mom for kindergarten, of which the Prince boldly proclaimed he didn’t like the school with his mom.
While festivals were break-even this last summer, it took its toll on the car and trailer. Oisin had Cian for the entire summer extended and had a good time travelling around to local festivals. They primarily were in Colorado and New Mexico due to car troubles. The Ford Explorer had multiple tire issues, cracked rim, need for a new oil pan since the drain plug was stripped, a head gasket leak, and now the alternator blew out. Lady Raven came to Oisin’s rescue selling her VW Passat to him – involving a round-about trek from the Pacific Northwest to Colorado to Ohio back to the west coast, and back to Colorado to retrieve it. He got back into shovel bum archaeology with a trip to Ohio over Thanksgiving doing survey at Camp Ravenna military ammunitions plant. It was beneficial to get back into archaeology, but financially that adventure took its toll on his finances. Oisin has been struggling with bouncing between Seattle and Colorado for the child exchanges as well. He’s contemplated moving to Seattle, but the cost of living is too extreme. He can’t afford it yet. Life in the Tiny house was also extreme during the winter since the bathroom, kitchen, and other facilities were in the main house – trekking to at night in the cold was rough, even rougher now that Oisin has gotten older and needing to use the facilities more often than before – bladder not as cooperative as it used to be. In addition, over the last 4 months, Oisin spent a total of 5 days in the tiny house in Colorado Springs. He realized there was nothing really for him anymore in the Springs. It was time to simplify and move where there was more work and closer to his storage unit to start thinning it out. Minimize. Oisin took up an offer from Lady Allison to rent her basement room, so much of the last part of December involved numerous trips back and forth from the Springs to Denver moving. It has been a rough year.

All Oisin wants for the new year is stability, prosperity, re-connection to his spirituality, completion of writing projects, figure out the transitions between Seattle-Colorado, minimize, and a career back in Archaeology. He wants to simplify his retail business back to hand-crafts and get rid of most of the crap he has in storage. So there be the effective plan.

Mileage: 68 miles (business: delivery)


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