02.15.19: Watch D.O.G. and Alita Battle Angel

Friday, February 15, 2019

Renton, Washington

Prince Cian and Sir Oisin awoke early at around 7 a.m. got ready for school, cleaned up the rental B&B that Cian’s Mom got for them. They then headed up through the snow and ice stumbling to the car. The area was so snowed in.

They headed on down towards the highway and the interstate, got to Benson Hills Plaza and stopped at the McDonald’s for a quick breakfast of hotcakes and sausage, a sausage biscuit sandwich with orange juice. Father and Son time together then they headed over to the school and Dad volunteered as a watchdog to help with the Prince’s class.

They had lots of activities for the day including cutting out hearts post Valentine’s, doing numbers, counting, and even a recess in the snow. They had music class where the Prince sang songs. They had lunch together with pizza and fruit. Cian got jealous of a little girl wanting to hold his daddy’s hand. He said she was his bully who bullied him when he started school and thought it was not right for dad to spend time with her at school even though he was parent helper. They continued through school and then at 3 checked out and headed on to the theater.

Hitting the mall They explored and played at the Lego store. Grabbed lunch at panda express … Dad having cashew chicken and the Prince Orange chicken kids meal. They stopped at the AMC at Southcenter to see Alita Battle Angel using their A list pass. Oisin was upset that the A-list does not accommodate kids or have a family pass. He feels it’s a little bit of a scam on people making them pay full price for the child when the adult gets a free movie each week. The pass is tied to the cell phone so it makes it very difficult to have more than one seat together even with a separate phone. Especially if you wanted to see it together.

https://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/cSkxUFxBEl4jNX0HDmEwCXp5?l=vsm&o=a&c=o via magisto.com

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