02.22.19: Troll Haven, train a Dragon, snow, swimming, Port Townsend

February 22, 2019

Sequim – Port Townsend, Washington

Early to rise, Sir Oisin Leif and Prince Cian awoke early as it was to check out from the West Sequim inn by 11 am. There was no breakfast at the hotel during winter months as the rooms are cheaper than usual (Low end 40 dollar range). Plus many of the rooms were empty.

Dad made them pumpkin instant oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, and orange juice for breakfast. They packed up the room into the car, checked out at the lobby, and headed off towards Troll Haven.

(Video blog – Part 1: leaving Sequim: https://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/JSwuX1VGGUEoOi4HDmEwCX14?l=vsm&o=a&c=c)

The adventurers headed towards Port Townsend detouring towards a fantasy themed event and living estate called Troll Haven. Located between Sequim and Port Townsend in the middle of nowhere towards the beach loomed a magical castle with troll sculptures surrounding it. The estate is called Troll Haven.

(Video blog- Part 2: Troll Haven: https://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/OiUuX1VGGUEoOi4HDmEwCXp6?l=vsm&o=a&c=o via magisto.com)

Troll Haven was amazing Sir Oisin thought he’d love to hold a faerie event here. But they are quite expensive. A ritual circle was in front of the castle with standing stones and ancient writing. Dragons, trolls, and other mythical beasts throughout the yard. Magical barns, sheds, bridges, orchards, and vineyard. It had a magical and fantastical air.

Unfortunately the headquarters were closed so the delvers couldn’t explore within. They then drove down to the boat launch but the Prince didn’t want to get out of the car for either the beach nor troll haven as he said it was too cold and he was engrossed into Minecraft on his kindle. Oisin thought it was a shame but understood as temps were dropping quickly. Something was amiss in the weather.

They drove back up to the castle for more pics and video. They then hit the road for Silverdale. It started to snow and rain. It was definitely time for a movie. It was only 11 am and they couldn’t check into the Port Inn until 3.

It was a 30 miles drive to the theater. Dad’s ticket was free from his A-list membership and he was able to add the discover card to online registration and book the Prince a ticket. That was a major concern since they were cash poor. Without the discover card it would have been a no go. They would have had to sit in the car for a couple of hours while it snowed before check in.

Dad decided to try the Google Pay again tied to the Discover card to get lunch since they had a half hour to spare before the movie.

Part 3: AMC A-List How to train a Dragon 3 (https://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/MDkuX1VGGUEoOi4HDmEwCXp2?l=vsm&o=a&c=c)

The adventurers went to see How to train your Dragon: The hidden world. They snuck in the jersey Mike’s sub, cookies, and lemonade for movie snacks. They loved it and such a happy yet sad tear filled ending that made them both cry. Upon exiting the theater the snow had stopped and the Prince broke out into a tree hugging dance.

Part 4: return to Port Townsend (https://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/LHkkX1VGGUEoOi4HDmEwCXt8?l=vsm&o=a&c=c)

Before leaving Silverdale they logged into doordash to do a couple of deliveries before heading to Port Townsend. The first call wad two cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. The drive thru was long but a short drive to drop off at a BBQ restaurant down the road. Customer was so tickled pink excited for her delivery. Guess she’s tired of BBQ? Sir Oisin thought. They then got a jack in the box request, Oisin clicked accept with time to spare to swing thru starbucks for his weekly free chai creme frappacino. But by the time he got through the drive thru they cancelled the request claiming he didn’t accept it in time (even though he was right next to jack in the box). He stayed clocked in for the scheduled hour though no more requests (making only $6.50 for theme hour).

A half hour later they arrived at the port townsend inn and checked in. Even though they wanted to see the non-existent discover card (it’s in Colorado) they permitted the payment with it through hotels.com online. Otherwise it would be a complicated mess. They unpacked into the room and relaxed. They went down for a swim for an hour and a half.

Part 4: Port Townsend Inn (https://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/LHkkX1VGGUEoOi4HDmEwCXt8?l=vsm&o=a&c=c)

Cian showed tremendous advancement in swimming above and underwater. Dad was so proud. They retired for the evening watching monsters Inc. and Harry Potter. They made crab cakes and Mac n’cheese for dinner, played legos and cars. They called it an early evening. After the Prince was asleep he contemplated the death of his laptop and the fate of his online work. Wondering if he can fix it.




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