Pirate Gremlin on the dresser

Young Thomas awoke to a rumble and the sound of something skittering along the dresser across from his bed. He caught it face on, eye to eye. It was a small man, between 1 1/2 and 2 feet tall, on his dresser, dressed like a pirate – patch over the eye and sword in hand. It wasn’t unlike the lamp his mother made him of a ceramic pirate that used to be on the dresser, but now he saw smashed on the ground as this being knocked it down to the floor. But it wasn’t a man. It had sharp teeth and pointy ears with a greenish hue to its skin. It sneered at young Thomas menacingly and angered it was caught. It waved the sword at young Thomas. young Thomas screamed. It dove behind the dresser just as his parents opened the bedroom door. Miraculously, the pirate lamp was back on the dresser and wasn’t broken. He told his parents what had happened. They didn’t believe him.


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