His Father experiences the Poltergeist

All these years his mother kept telling his father about a poltergeist in the house. Doors opening and closing. Cabinets swinging back and forth, not to mention the apparitions. She always heard something running up and down the cellar stairs. He would never believe her. He most likely laughed at her silently and thought she was nuts. But one day, this all changed. One day, she was out shopping with the kids and he was home alone. He heard someone running up and down the cellar stairs. He investigated and found no one. Then he heard doors opening and closing through the house, and kept hearing the footsteps on the stairs. He called the police. Wykaggyl Terrace was in a wealthy section of Nouveau York and was responded to promptly with police calls. Just before the police arrived, his mother, with young Thomas and siblings started to drive down the driveway into the garage down into the cellar. Atop the rock wall to the right was his father, pitchfork in hand, sushing and waving her back up the driveway saying “There is someone in the house. I’ve called the police.” Just as she backed out of the drive, the police surrounded the house, took the statement from the father, and burst into the house – using their loudspeaker telling the intruder to come out with his hands up. No one came out of the house. They went into the house and searched it from cellar to attic and found no one. But they did hear the doors opening and slamming shut. They heard foots on the cellar stairs. They were perplexed. They wrote it off as “old houses make lots of noises”. They left. While his father never believed in the supernatural … he was perplexed as well. He no longer thought his wife to be mad.


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