The Seance and the floating book

Young Thomas and his siblings snuck up to father’s study and library. It was in here, while the parents were not home, the children decided to try to contact the spirit of the house that has been causing so much problems for them. Also, they’ve seen enough horror movies on the tube that they figured they knew what to do. They set up the table with candles and an overturned shot glass, and hand cut letters on the table creating their own “spirit board”. The children decided to contact their dead dog Sandy who recently passed away. Nothing was happening, so young Thomas wandered away from his siblings to go look out the window. Then out of the mist, down below, manifested a dog that looked like their dead dog Sandy … walking across their tennis court. He called his siblings to see. Excited, he went back to the table to join the seance. The kids didn’t know who they were calling, they just called out to any spirits around, and soon a book hovered and fell off the bookshelf, down onto the table. The kids frightened, blew out the candles and scattered out of the room.


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