Ouija Boards and Witchcraft

Now that they were living in the desert, far away from the haunted Wykagyl Terrace mansion, there were no more ghosts and ghastlies wandering around their home. Young Thomas missed having ghosts in his house. Him and his friends, would often sneak off to the valleys they built forts in and on occasion used the kids game by Milton Bradley (sp?) called The Ouija Board that one could purchase at any toy store. Mostly it didn’t work, but sometimes they were lucky and the planchette would move, spelling out messages, and intriguing yet scaring the kids alot. Young Thomas had also been part of a travelling summer camp that would take trips across the southern United States in a school bus and stop at tourist locations along the way. One of those stops was New Orleans in Louisiana. Here he stumbled upon classical witchcraft shops where he became intrigued by the potions, spellkits, and talismans. Mixing the Catholicism, Witchcraft, Dungeon and Dragons, Tunnels and Trolls … young Thomas was propelling deeper into the fantasy and spirit world.


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