Living Myth

A “Living Myth” is a title given to the stories, tales, and story surrounding a person’s life that is “mythic”, “fabled”, or consisting of the elements of legend, lore, and mythology. It is the re-telling or re-living of epic myths and legends, or the creation of a new myth, with or without parallels to pre-existing ones. This process is very much a part of what Joseph Campbell calls “creative mythology” or what others call “applied mythology” or “mythics”. As the author of describes … “Physics is knowledge of the laws of nature, esthetics, knowledge of the laws of beauty, ethics, knowledge of moral values. In the same vein, mythics is knowledge of the narrative power of imagination as revealed in myths, legends, archetypes, themes and plots. But not just knowledge, not just passive understanding. Just as physics, esthetics, and ethics can all be applied to life, and put into action in a wide range of expressions, so can mythics.” It is in this same vein of comprehension, we define “the Living Myth”. Myths are alive ever today with the power of the collective unconscious. It is Myth that gives meaning to the human experience. Myths are the stories we tell to find our identity in the cosmos. Through this mythology we attempt to unravel not only the meaning of our actions and impulses but the significance of human existence itself.

    Living Myth

    Imagination Applied to Life

    “I am guided by a signal from the heavens

    I am guided by this birthmark on my skin

    I am guided by the beauty of our weapons

    First, we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

    ~ “First We Take Manhattan,” Leonard Cohen (1988)

    “I strongly believe that each and every human life in this world is inspired by a myth, fable, legend, or folk story that indeed “shapes” their journey from birth to death. Sometimes there are many of these tales that shapes one’s life. I believe part of the puzzle of life is to find your living myth and purpose in life. I think these myths, stories, fables, and legends can give us guidance, inspiration, energy, ethics, and values to become successful with finding our dream, seizing it, and living it. I also believe that once we find our ‘living myth’ we are that much closer to finding out our purpose in this life, as I believe we all have one. I don’t believe in chance, I do believe in fate and destiny. I believe you can control, change, and manipulate your fate as you wish. I believe there are messages in our dreams. I believe in visions. I believe in premonitions. I believe in Omens, Oracles, and divination – all of which are tools to help you gain insight, clarity, and a future view of what lies ahead or understanding what has happened. I believe these messages are puzzles and riddles that are not always easy to decipher, but once solved, will give you a world of guidance to find and achieve your purpose, dreams, and desires. ” ~ Leaf McGowan


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